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    Welcome to the Millennium Weekly!

    Use this section to post all news articles and such. All we ask is that you keep discussion semi-civil and please try and link to your source, otherwise we might as well assume your article is BS.

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    There are several things you can do to make your thread more attractive to the reader.

    - Highlight the most important parts of your article. People don't want to read through 5 pages of trivial stuff only to find one sentence of importance. This forum is populated by many users of different interests so you have to make your thread as user friendly as possible.

    - Link to the source If anyone is more interested they can read further. You don't need to copy everything; that's what the source link is for.

    - Create threads without being biased on a opinion. People tend to jump on the opening post if there is some statement on it that's rather non mainstream.

    -Look for good sources. No trash sites if possible.

    -If a topic is rather boring or not a major deal, try posting questions in your opening post to get the topic going.

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    Just use my threads as an example and you will do just fine.

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