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    Updated till the end of the Arlong arc.

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    Lucci's Feats

    Strength (including physical durability)

    - Sends Zoro flying out of Water Seven with a kick.
    - Takes a punch from Luffy without flinching, without Tekkai.
    - Takes Franky's Strong Hammer with Tekkai and doesn't move a muscle.
    - Matches a stretched Bazooka with a kick.
    - Matches Luffy's arm-strength.
    - Causes Franky to nearly pass out in one hit.
    - Causes Franky to nearly topple over from a quick hit to the stomach.

    Zoan form
    - Completely counters a fully-charged Rifle with Tekkai "Utsugi".
    - Manages to maintain consciousness, just barely, after taking Gigant Pistol head-on.
    - Blocks a G2 strike with his forearm.


    - Retaliates faster than Luffy can get out of the way after dodging.
    - Does it again.
    - Dodges Gigant Axe and Gigant Whip quite easily

    Zoan form
    - Base Luffy can just barely react to his Soru when fully attentive.
    - Hits base Luffy with multiple flying Shigans before he can dodge.
    - Goes toe-to-toe with a weakened Gear Second, managing to land Rokougan three times, one before G2 slowed down.

    Reaction Speed

    - Reacts to a Gatling Gun hidden behind a crate and and evades it (see agility for more).


    - Takes many Gear Second strikes and one Gear Third strike and keeps going strong (many scans throughout volume 43 and 44).

    Overall Combat Ability/Skill

    - Appears to have the edge over Luffy after a while of fighting, as he is smiling and standing up.
    - Cuts a thick deck of steel
    - Life Return Kami-E Bushin (speed-tailored Zoan state)


    - Weaves in and out of Luffy's Gatling Gun with his hands folded behind his back and taken by surprise.
    - Is able to quickly turn a ducking dodge into a rolling Rankyaku.


    - Is spoken very highly of by Kuma for his strength.
    - VA Onigumo is sure that he will not die.
    - VA Doberman is sure that they need not interfere if he is present.
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    I really need to get back on finishing this lol.

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    I'll add that to Zoro's feats. Thanks.

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    The first one's on the site I was using were redirecting to main page so I updated them with different links they should work now.

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    Gekko Moriah's Feats


    Shadow Asgard
    Split Thriller Bark in half with a punch
    Broke through the mansions wall with a kick, and punched through the wall later.


    Outran Luffy across Thriller Bark

    Reaction Speed

    Reacted to Robin mid clutch
    Reacted to Diable Jambe


    Took Luffy's stamp with nothing to show for it.
    Tanked a thunder bolt tempo
    Takes a direct nightmare pistol to the face,followed immediately by a nightmare storm,
    Took a punch to the gut from Jinbe

    Shadow Asgard
    Took a jet rocket to the gut,followed by a jet bazooka
    Took a blow to the gut from a gear stacked jet shell,followed by another jet shell to the same spot,and was finally defeated when Thriller Bark's mast landed on top of him


    Gets back up to fight, after being struck by a nightmare pistol and storm
    Shown in perfect condition after his skirmish with Jimbe


    Kage Kage no mi
    Doppleman-Strong enough to smash through metal gratings, able to reform when split apart,and is able to switch locations with Moria at any time
    Brick bat-Fast enough to intercept all of the hits from Luffy's gatling,and are capable of launching counter attacks
    Shadow manipulation- Doppleman can insert himself in a shadow, and bend it to his will
    Tsuno Tokage- Capable of plowing straight through Oars Jr.
    Can steal a persons shadow, and use it to animate a corpse, or use as a powerup

    Giant Scissors- Can be seperated and used a swords


    Earned a position as one of the seven schichibukai
    In his prime he was said to have battled KaidouAccording to Aohige (Moria went toe-to-toe with him)
    He was attacked by 11th division commander Curiel,and was shown unharmed a chapter later.- Which means he either blocked it, dodged it, or tanked it.
    Moria wasn't on par with the remaining schichibukai

    Absalom's Feats

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    Ryuuma's Feats

    Talleran's Feats

    Hildon's Feats

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    Crocodile doesn't have any palpable physical strength feats unfortunately. But, as my girlfriend always consoles me with when I'm feeling down because I never achieve anything: a man's appearance speaks louder than action. Crocodile's tall and well endowed physique ought to count for something at least.

    Speed: Mobility
    Blitzed Robin.
    Covered the distance between him and Luffy with a speed that surprised Luffy.
    Took Luffy by surprise.

    Speed: Reaction/Reflexes
    Effortlessly dodged Luffy's Gomu Gomu no Bullet.
    Dodged Luffy's Gomu Gomu no Pistol.
    Evaded Luffy's Gomu Gomu no Machine Gun (twice) and a kick.
    Kept up well with Luffy's combat speed.

    Wasn't notably fazed after taking several attacks from Luffy.
    Remained conscious after Jozu's GTFO tackle.

    Damage Soak
    Endured a relentless barrage [1, 2, 3, 4 punches, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 kicks and a bitch slap (yeah, I'm meticulous...)] from Luffy before he finally succumbed to Gomu Gomu no Storm, which shattered the city-block in the process of knocking out Crocodile.

    Combat Ability
    Intangible: can't be harmed except through Busoshoku Haki, moisture or seastone.
    Can separate his hook and control it remotely with his sand.
    Can create quicksand in the desert.
    Can transform earth and rock into a desert.
    Can absorb moisture with his right hand: even reducing a human to a dry husk.
    Kept up with Luffy in hand-to-hand combat, eventually nailed him with his poisonous hook.
    His hook is covered with an extremely potent poison.
    Can conjure sandstorms, which are hard to endure at point-blank range.

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    Marshall D Teach's Feats


    Smashing Sarquiss's face through a dock
    Punching Ace into a pile of debris
    Almost breaking Ace's neck with a punch
    Defeating Hannyabal
    Smashing Luffy into the ground
    Stopping Whitebeard's arm with his palm
    Damaging Marineford's building


    Dodging Whitebeard's quake

    Reaction Speed

    Unable to avoid gear 2nd Luffy
    Unable to avoid Magellan's poison
    Catching Whitebeard's arm


    Taking Ace's hiken
    Taking Ace's firefly
    Taking two of Ace's flame spears to the chest
    Taking a punch to the gut form gear 2nd Luffy
    Defeated by Magellan's poison
    Taking Whitebeard's bisento slash, followed by a quake to the face
    Took Sengoku's Buddha Blast
    Taking Bonney's kick


    Yami Yami no mi makes him feel more pain
    Getting up from Ace's Hiken
    Getting up after Ace's firefly
    Unphazed right after taking two of Ace's flame spears
    Rebounding from Luffy's jet attack
    Able to sit up and talk after taking two of Whitebeard's attacks
    Laughing off Sengoku's attack


    Yami Yami no mi
    Black Hole- Giant Black Hole

    Gura Gura no mi
    Quake Punch

    Three Pistols


    Pre-Yami Blackbeard gave Shanks the scars on his eye
    Pre-Yami Blackbeard killed 4th division commander Thatch
    Gained the title of Schichibukai
    Urouge believes Blackbeard will be the eye of the hurricane
    The Gourosei believe it would take a yonkou, or Marco to stop Blackbeard's rampage
    Defeated supernova Jewerly Bonney
    Ran away at the sight of Akainu
    Earned the position of Yonkou
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    Boa Sandersonia's Feats

    Boa Marigold's Feats

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    Daz Bones's Feats


    Knocked Mr. 2's okamas through the wall
    Vertically cut a stone pillar into four pieces
    Slicing a large building into six pieces, and sending Zoro flying into the building
    Dicing a house into pieces
    Almost knocking out Zoro with two spiral slashes
    Hit Zoro so hard, it slashed the pillar behind him
    Lifting a giant log, and headbutting a level 4 prisoner off the bridge
    Defeating a group of marines with his legs
    Cutting a new world pirate


    Easily catching up to a running Nami

    Reaction Speed

    Dodging Mr. 2's kicks
    Catching Usopp's flame star
    Blocking Zoro's sword
    Clashing with Zoro
    Clashing Zoro's barrage


    Tanking Mr. 2 kicking him through the cafe's wall
    Catching a flame star with his palm
    Blocking Zoro's sword with his arm
    Blocking Zoro's sword with his head, and leg
    Tanking Zoro's Bull Horns
    Tanking Zoro's Oni Gari
    Tanking Zoro's sword to the chin, followed by another blow to the face, and a crab slasher to the neck
    Defeated by Zoro's lion's song
    Getting hit in the head by a level 4 prisoner
    Tanking Bullets with his arm
    Blocking Mihawk's slash with his arms
    Cut down by Mihawk's slash


    Only able to stay conscious a couple seconds after being hit by Zoro's lion's song
    Seemingly unfazed by the intense heat of Level 4
    Able to hold himself up after Mihawk's slash


    Supa Supa no mi
    Hand Claw Slash
    Exploding Daisy Slash
    Disintegrating Slash
    Spiraling Blade- Spin fast enough to leave sparks when clashed with
    Disintegrate Splitting Slash
    Disintegrating Speed Slash


    Off paneled Mr. 2's group
    Defeated a prisoner while handcuffed
    Dangerous enough to be put on Level 4 of Impel Down
    Off paneled some guards with Mr. 2
    Known by the marines
    Mihawk knows who he is

    Paula's Feats

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    Bentham's Feats


    Knocking Luffy down with his palm
    Kicking Mr. 1 through the cafe and into the desert
    Kicking Sanji through a building
    Blocking Sanji's kick with his palm, and matching leg strength with him
    Kicking Sanji into a building
    Kicked a perfect hole into the wall
    Winning a clash against Sanji
    Damaging the Sphinx with a kick
    Kicking Minotaurous against a nearby cage
    Knocking away two wolves
    Knocking out a manticore with a kick


    Keeping up with Carue
    Running up a vertical cliff

    Reaction Speed

    Dodging Mr. 1's punch
    Parrying all of Sanji's kicks
    Parrying Sanji's kicks


    Taking a headbutt and kick from the Super Duck Squad
    Getting kicked through a buildiing by Sanji
    Kicked into a building by Sanji's mutton shot
    Unphazed from Sanji's kick to the chin
    Kicked into a building by Sanji
    Taking Sanji's inner muscle kick, followed by a waist kick, a back kick, a stomach kick, and an upper leg kick
    Defeated by Sanji's Beef Barbeque
    Taking another kick from Sanji after he was already defeated
    Swatted across the room by Minotaurous
    Defeated by the wolf unit


    Instantly recovering from Sanji's kick to the face
    Expressing only frustration after Sanji's mutton shot
    Unphazed after Sanji's kick
    Launching a counter attack in the middle of Sanji's barrage
    Still able to talk after his defeat
    Staying happy and cheerful despite the intense heat and starvation of level 3
    Almost died from Minotarous strangling him
    Bothered by the intense heat of Level 4
    Surviving half naked in the freezing hell, after getting past 4 wolves
    Took Ivankov's vigour hormones


    Mane Mane no mi
    Can mimic the voice, physic, body, and face of anyone he's touched
    Mane Mane Combination

    Okama Kenpo
    Douzo Okama Knuckle
    Okama Kenpo Soul Drop Swan Party
    Okama Kenpo Swan Wind Wing Open
    Okama Hand Chop Claw Foot Kick
    Eyebrow Boomerang
    Exploding Swan
    Explosive Bullet Swan Wind Wing Open Style
    Ohikae na Fouett
    Flying Storm Okama Kenpo Ano Fuyu no Sora no Memoir


    Defeated Usopp and Eyelashes in 2 seconds
    Sanji says Mr. 2 broke some of his ribs
    Escaped prison and earned a bounty of 32,000,000
    Defeated Fullbody and Jango
    Captured by Hina
    Dangerous enough to be put on level 3 of Impel Down
    Defeated Hannyabal with a sneak attack
    Defeated some guards with Daz Bones
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    Galdino's Feats


    Swinging his candle sword through the air

    Reaction Speed

    Throwing a wall in front of Luffy's bazooka
    Swatting away Luffy's punch
    Blocking Luffy's stamp
    Throwing a wall in front of Magellan's Hydra
    Threw a wall in front of Magellan's Hell's Judgement


    Sent flying by Luffy's Hammer
    Defeated by Luffy's stamp
    Dropping through the floor while dried up
    Defeated after Sanji kicked him across the room
    Taking Mr. 2's kick


    Back and ready to fight after Luffy punched him in the distance
    Able to form a ball of wax around himself, after being dried up, dropped, and eaten
    Making a key after being beaten by Sanji
    Knocked out by Luffy's haki


    Doru Doru no mi
    A dinosaur breaks its teeth on Mr. 3's wax
    Candle Jacket- Broken by Broggy
    Candle Lock- Catching Luffy with it
    Special Service Candle Lock- Able to increase the speed
    Candle Sword
    Candle Harpoon
    Candle Wall- Broken by Luffy's candle hammer
    Candle Champion- Harder than steel, Champ Fight Punch
    Wax melts when near fire
    Candle Garden
    Doru Doru Ball
    Can create duplicate keys
    The wax will melt within three seconds of the intense heat of Level 3
    Wax is immune to Magellan's venom, but can't last against Magellan's Kinjite
    Giant Candle Wall



    Defeated a pirate worth 42,000,000
    Inferior to Mr. 4 when it comes to battle
    Captured by Hina
    Dangerous enough to be put on level 2 of Impel Down
    Crocodile thinks of him as useless trash

    Miss Goldenweek's Feats

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    Mr. 4's Feats

    Miss Merry Christmas's Feats

    Lasso's Feats

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    Nobody do Usopp or Sanji their Mine!

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