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    Getting back into boxing, reading (comics and news primarily), shooting, making extremely immature jokes, and playing the video games.

    Which reminds me, I need to get my 3ds code to Neph.

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    Going out with friends,listening to music and trying to expand my knowledge on it,trying to expand my knowledge in general,training,watching porn,reading books,etc.

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    Watching shows
    Making hip hop instrumentals
    Video games on occasion

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    Training, following series and looking for knowledge are the main ones. The last one is kind of broad I know.

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    read manga and comics, and try to improve at drawing. i like to learn stuff but my procrastination never allows me to finish. i have sculptures and plush toys that need to be completed

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    draw, write(want to be a comic author) manga,watch anime and go out on dates with my gf(idk if this is considered a hobby?)

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    Reading comics
    Play fighting games
    Watching good movies

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    Might as well add that I've gotten into Seinen recently. I read one new seinen every week.
    A+ Posts

    Quote Originally Posted by Pacifista View Post
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    When Jinbei comes back to the Straw Hats with tears in his eyes because he was able to break off the deal with Big Mom and somehow evade her, just as he reaches out to Luffy saying "Luffy-kun! I pledge my allegiance to you ---" he's cut off as several holes open up in his torso. His eyes bulge wide as he looks down with blood starting to pour from his wounds and mouth. He falls to his knees as Luffy runs up to him but by the time he hits the ground, he's already dead.

    The panels then focus behind Jinbei and surges forward. The panels zoom past several islands, some of which have buildings and even mountains with holes in them. The trajectory follows until we find Van Augur with a smirk on his face, lowering his gun. With the utmost pleasure, he says "Even if it costs you your life." An intro box says Captain of the Second Fleet of the Blackbeard Pirates, Van Augur the Supersonic. Bounty 590,000,000 Berries.

    Quote Originally Posted by Coruscation View Post
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    It's as clear what's going on here as with everything else involving Dofla. The purpose is to maintain at all costs the view that he has no ability to do anything against an Admiral. People around here have used their preconceptions as the premise for judging anything related to him for a long time. Everything that happens is filtered through and fit around a very specific predetermined idea of how strong he, and others, are. I'm just not interested in playing along with this any further. I'm not going to agree on the premise that Dofla was being completely deluded when he is one of the most clear-minded people in the series in terms of his own strength, as well as knowledge about the world and intelligence. Not until further evidence starts showing up to support that point, which, so far, it hasn't, it has only supported that he knew exactly what he was doing and had the bite to back up his bark. It's just that simple.

    Quote Originally Posted by Riki View Post
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    I'll try to keep this spoiler friendly, but basically Kumagawa is an extremely original character in a genre that is oversaturated with the same character archetypes that are repeatedly used over and over, and his character is done very well so that in and of itself should put him on an above average level as a character. the only thing he has going for him is that he happens to be the single most negative person on the planet. he's a born loser because he has never won a single thing in his life (by "single thing" I don't mean a single fight, I mean he loses at literally everything he does, he's not smart, he's not good looking, he's not popular, he's weak, etc. etc.). his main goal is pretty unique among shonen villains, it can basically be boiled down to jealousy, which is actually a realistic and relatable motive (maybe not to the extreme that he's taken it, but yeah). he also tries to keep this side of him permanently hidden under a facade which can be best described as being very similar to the Joker's personality

    he is a great villain because of how relatable his motive is, his methods are unconventional and unpredictable, both his powers and fighting style are pretty original (kind of important for a battle manga), and he is smart/strong enough as a villain to make his arc interesting and suspenseful (well as much suspense as possible for someone who is incapable of winning anything ever. at times the tension will become more like "how will Kumagawa even manage to lose this fight" rather than "how will the protagonists even manage to win this fight"). the entire "unable to win anything" dynamic is extremely unique for a villain who provides by far the biggest challenge for the protagonists (at that point in the story at least). his unpredictability isn't him doing random things for the sake of being random which would just ruin the story, they are extremely random from our (normal) points of view but from his twisted ways of thinking they make sense and work for the most part. his relatability and flaws aren't always present right from his introduction, he's initially presented as almost a Gary Tsu-type character except apparently he's really negative and somehow loses all the time, but we simultaneously get to watch how increasingly twisted but at the same time human of a character he is, and then he finally drops his facade fully and we learn his true motive.

    Quote Originally Posted by Ultra View Post
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    I like Koffing a lot because I feel he encompasses all the good traits of a non-animal pokemon. People like to complain about how pokemon nowadays are made out of stupid shit like Ice Cream cones and Gears, Koffing's concept is no more normal than this, but the implementation of Koffing's concept into a recognizable character and cool monster is what makes him one of my favorite pokemon.

    He represents air pollution and the undesirable, mutated life that is feared can result from this pollution. But instead of wallowing in his seemingly unwanted existence, Koffing embraces life with a Jolly no-fucks-given attitude. He's happy to be alive and enjoys it by taking big risks. His survival depends on his ability to create and release highly toxic gases, and for no fucking reason he'll just explode instantaneously. He sports a skull and cross bones on his body. He can not only attack with all sorts of poisonous gases and substances, but use a wide array of fire type attacks as well.

    Koffing is inheritely hardcore. Akainu can try all he wants to become a pirate killing machine, but Koffing is the fucking embodiment of destruction and thrives on all things dangerous to life. If Luffy were a pokemon, he'd be a fucking Koffing. You know who's going to kick Akainu's ass? Luffy.


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    Drawing, the computer, checking out hot women from a distance unless I happen to have the money in my pocket.
    IT's an OB
    IO N

    ..... What?

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    Socializing, forums, video games, skateboarding.

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    - MMA, Boxing and Kickboxing
    - Manga obviously( I don't really watch anime)

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    my hobbies are dancing and reading

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