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Thread: Arrow

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    Has anyone seen the latest episode? What did you think?

    Thea was being a bitch like usual.

    I loved the scene when Oliver pretended to kill that guy. I was wondering how he'd get out of it.

    Kinda disappointing that Vertigo actually managed to get him with the needles.

    The ending was awesome.

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    This episode was really good imo, especially near the end.

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    I stopped watching Arrow for 3 weeks and caught up yesterday. Damn, that was a kickass marathon.

    The stuff on the Island is getting really interesting.

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    Yeah, these last three episodes have been awesome. I love seeing more Felicity. Man she's gorgeous.

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    Dat ep 15.

    China White and the Chinese Triad aren't taking down Merlyn. Are you kidding me? Tempest will certainly lay waste to the combat output the Triad can dish out. Not to mention that the Dark Archer could probably take on White + a number of goons at the same time.
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    Thought I'd do a little Arrow tier list from the top of my head. Tell me if you think this is about right pops:

    -God Tier:
    Ollie's Mom (handgun)

    -Top Tier:

    Malcolm Merlyn/Dark Archer
    Slade Wilson/Deathstroke
    Yao Fei
    Oliver Queen/Green Arrow
    Bill Wintergreen

    -High Tier:

    Helena Bertinelli/Huntress
    Floyd Lawton/Deadshot
    China White

    -Mid Tier:

    Constatine Drakon
    Dodger (Bomb collars, Shock device)
    Count Vertigo (Handgun + Needles)
    John Diggle (Handgun)
    Garfield Lynns/Firefly
    Laurel Lance
    Quintin Lance (Handgun)
    (Ep 15) Current 'Island Ollie' (Knife)

    -Low Tier

    Random Goon (armed)
    Random Goon
    Untrained/average person

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    That seems about right to me. Diggle might be a high-tier though.

    I haven't seen the new episode yet. Hopefully tonight.

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    Man, these last couple of episodes have been off the hook. Have you watched it yet?

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    Yeah, I've seen it up to 16. It's been pretty sick.

    I knew the Triad wasn't going to take Merlyn alone. So I was pretty happy to see they hired Deadshot. Deadshot's new appearance is a lot better than before. Not to mention that he kicked serious ass this ep.

    I do not like how willing Ollie is to give away his secret though. The situation with Tommy didn't really call for it imo. I also am not a fan of the possibility that Sarah is alive. Resurrecting deceased characters is shark jumping territory.

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    Yeah, seeing Deadshot against was a real treat. I wonder if this means some other villains might come back as well?

    I don't really like that Tommy knows Oliver's secret now. I always got the vibe he's turn out to be a bad guy and I'm not sure if that's very feasable now.

    Malcolm was badass. I don't understand why he killed the guy in front of his son. Also, it is just me or are his ideals sounding a lot like Ra's al Ghul's?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pimp of Pimps View Post
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    I wonder if this means some other villains might come back as well?

    Count Vertigo is coming back for sure. He ain't dead and now he is haunted by vertigo himself like in the comics. Maybe he'll come back with some kind of 'vertigo device' like his comic counter part. Maybe a little farfetched for Arrow though, not sure.

    I always got the vibe he's turn out to be a bad guy and I'm not sure if that's very feasable now.
    Really? wow. I'm thinking the complete opposite. The stage has been set now.

    Tommy Merlyn is the true Merlyn. Tommy is going to be a bad guy sooner or later, no doubt about it. It's as set in stone as Roy Harper will become Ollie's rebellious sidekick.

    Tommy will start distancing himself from Ollie now. He was really pissed off that Oliver hid a big secret from him. Malcolm will start bonding with Tommy now, taking him under his wing and teaching him about his ideals. Maybe he'll start combat training him also.

    Laurel will probably not like Tommy's new attitude and hook up with Ollie or something. Tommy will flip his lid. Ollie will probably kill the Dark Archer around this time, only to find out it was Tommy's dad... And like that we have ourselves an arch-nemesis.

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    I definitely see Vertigo coming back.

    The only problem I have with Tommy becoming a villain is that he knows who Green Arrow is. Can't have the villain knowing who the hero is. Unless Oliver goes public with his identify I can't see this turning out well from a storytelling point of view. Though I suppose they can say Tommy doesn't want to tell or that he can't find hard evidence against Oliver.

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    So does anyone still watch this? It's probably my favorite live-action tv show right now. The final three episodes are going to be ridiculously awesome; I just get that vibe. Next episode is apparently titled "Undertaking" or something along those lines, so it looks like it'll be a three-part finale.

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    My dad said it was kind of meh so I haven't watched it. How is it?
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    I think it's very good. The acting was a little stale at first, but that's something I expect from a brand new show with a lead who's pretty new himself. But over time, it keeps getting better. Sometimes I still get a weak feeling from some of the characters, but it's usually not from the more prominent ones. Each episode will usually have a flashback or more of Oliver Queen's experience being trapped on an island, and that's another fairly unique and excellent part of the show.

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    Man, this last episode was epic. Can't wait for next week.

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    Holy crap this episode.

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    Its the best show on Air. Im a DC comics fan so i can tell you Its LOOSELY based on the comic version of em.
    My one and only problem with it, is the one ive got with every show the CW has, Its oversexualizes the male charectors.

    Roy Harper does join the cast. So while Thea may turn out to be Speedy. There will no doubt be Arsenal, i cant see him as "Red Arrow" COnsidering he doesnt seem to mirror his comic book counterpart who had prior experience with archery before suiting up.

    - - - Updated - - -

    If youd like to see more of Modern Ollie, DCs New52 has two ongoing series featuring Green Arrow. Unfortanatley his Titular series is 20+ issues in, But Hes also part of The JLA, with Carwoman, Martian Manhunter, Hawkman and more.

    Its one of the titles im reading now, and its starting off good so far. Only on its 3rd iss.


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