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    Murenase! Shiiton Gakuen

    Seton Academy, a school full of animals where, thanks to population decline, there are fewer humans than any other creature. Mazama Jin, an animal hater and the only human male in his class, falls in love with Hino Hitomi, the only female human, the moment he lays eyes her. However he soon finds himself entangled with various other creatures after he reluctantly joins the 'pack' of Lanka the wolf, the only other member of her pack.
    Found this manga by accident. Its funny, lighthearted and the MC isn't a dickless maggot. For those thinking its another school harem clueless MC.

    Sort of.

    Anyway, school with antromorphic animals! And some bizarre character traits that come along with them.
    So yeah, comedy, animal trivia, and some fan service. Gets my seal of approval

    - - - Updated - - -

    Oh and there's attachment even though I erased it in draft Mode... Great...
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