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Thread: Urouge vs Ace

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    Urouge vs Ace

    'Mad Monk' Urouge (who beat Big Moms No. 4) vs Portgas D. Ace 'Fire-Fist Ace'

    To Mods: Move to Corrida Colosseum

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    Ace, no doubt.
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    Urouge gets a big buff from taking damage, but I doubt he has Blackbeard level endurance to receive every thing from Ace.

    At least not to the point where the match would be decided in Urouge favor

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    Ace, and I doubt it'll be close.

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    I'd lean a bit towards Ace but Urouge does have some upset potential here. Ace mostly just has to go full force out the gate and not let it get drawn out enough that Urouge has a chance to turn the tides, easier said than done, but the Mera Mera should be difficult to contest for a base Urouge.

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    I suppose to depends how strong Jimbei is compared to Snack.

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