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    Settle it in Smash- TMF edition

    As 2018 closed off there was one glaring omission that had usually been the highlight of each year. The acclaimed and infamous poster tournament was no more. Perhaps it was for the best, those things always turned into pitiful circlejerks begging for votes... but what if there was another way to prove who the mightiest member of the forum was. To test their skills to see who truly was the mightiest member of the forum in a match of combat!

    32 combatants step into the epic confrontation, only one will come out the champ!



    1. @Pimp of Pimps;

    The fallout of the Gentleman club proved one thing to the Head Admin Pimp of Pimps. He had been far, far, too lenient on the forum. The members needed to be reminded of just how fearsome the man in charge could be. After several rigorous training sessions he knew he was ready. Reading about the Flashing Mach Punch to disable pressure points he added the move to his arsenal, along with his powerful Thrust Uppercut which knocked over his punching bag, and his skillfull Counter Throw he knows anyone who gets in close will get more than they bargained for with his punches striking like bullets. Even on the battlefield Pops dons his trademark tuxedo, so that he can look high class while he kicks ass.

    2. @Ichiryuu;

    For a long time Ichiryuu has set his eyes upon the throne of the Admin's chair, and with the following tournament he now sees the perfect opportunity to overpower the competition and take it for himself. Seemingly falling off the grid and losing presence after the fall of his Gourmet World empire, Ichiryuu has been biding his time destroying bots that would aim to destroy TMF. Now his Gourmet Cells have evolved to unfathomable heights, and he's looking to reveal his newfound power to whoever stands in his way. With his powerful Minority World he can alter the trajectory of his jump mid flight to pull off stunning moves like the Feint Jump or Soaring Ax Kick.

    3. @X;

    A big boisterous bruiser, X has grown tired of the peace and quiet and is looking forward to get his hands dirty in a lively event once again. X isn't planning on coming in with much grace or tact, opting to ragdoll his opponents with powerful throws and clobber them with the Shot Put iron ball. While he's not particularly concerned with any of the opposition, he's hoping to get his hands on one of them contributors who had attempted to disrespect him prior. X comes in with a simple T-shirt, simply because in his eyes he's confident this will be but a casual walk in the park for him.

    4. @Juan;

    "What is a King to a God?"

    These words once slipped out of Juan's mouth, confident in his ability and power to trump his opponents and be theatrical while doing so. Unfortunately, his confidence had betrayed him, he suffered a crushing defeat and was mocked and ridiculed once again. With how many memes surround his name a normal soul wouldn't be blamed for killing themselves to escape the embarrassment, but Juan is no retard. He learned from his mistake, and now serves as a Contributor to Kankoku Pass, hoping to take the empty throne of that section. With the discipline he's learned supervising that domain, he's looking to prove everyone wrong and perhaps show his worth to join the nobles of purple. When he heard of the competition he searched his wardrobe for what he thought was the coolest outfit he had... though perhaps he may have once again overdone it.

    5. @Zentos;

    At first glance, one could easily mistake Zentos for a wild and unruly brute. However, while he may have the heart of a fighter, the man is actually very well spoken with a silver tongue that knock even some of the most haughty down a few notches. Recently though he's been rapidly growing in power, founding his own Kingdom in a mighty tower and quickly gaining support and acclaim for his work. His preferred method of fighting is powerful heavy strikes to send his enemy soaring. This barbarian isn't in the competition for any sort of reward or fame, he was just challenged to compete and he isn't the type to turn his back when someone tries starting shit with him.

    6. ;

    "I... AM... RAX!!!"

    The ferocious war-cry came from this contender when he received his invitation to the competition. For many years Rax had found himself the most persecuted member of the forum. That filthy SJW comic section mod banned him because he had no answer for the hard-hitting facts presented in the videos he was linking. That pretentious UBD section mod banned him because he was jealous that everyone only visited that section because of him! Then that cocky upstart PH mod banned him for exposing Oda as the hack he is!

    Rax knew he had to get back at those in power, and with deep concentrated meditation and some work with the military he finally transcended, he became one with the essence of Natsu. Now the oppressors would tremble as he scorched them with the fire and flames.

    7. @Live Fast Eat Ass;

    While his many bizarre antics and quirky nature failed to take home the bacon in the prior poster tournaments, Anti-Mammal knew that if it came to a scrap, he had the advantage of experience. While a gun or blade would be handy, Mammal didn't want to pass up on the satisfaction of a good old bare-knuckles brawl. If his time is going to be limited either way then might as well get as much of a thrill out of it as he can. Wild enough to make the rest of the forum wary of him in the upcoming conflict, he comes equipped with a leather jacket that reflects his hard-ass nature.

    8. @Yoshi;

    While other members might find some sort of personal stake in the tournament, Yoshi is ultimately just glad he was invited at all. You see, Yoshi came from a forum where the members were so mean and nasty to him that it made him very upset and he didn't like it at all, but this new forum TMF is never toxic or nasty to Yoshi ya see. Though he does hope that if he wins he can usher in a new era of BBW with him, or perhaps even a smooch on the cheek from Tifa. Happy thoughts like these are what keep Yoshi going.

    9. @KeyboardBrawler;

    Everywhere he looks, through every corner of the forum, there is one thing that reigns supreme. Dishonest CUNTS!! Unfortunately the site is too weak willed to do anything about it, so the matter of eliminating all of the assholes and vermin lie squarely on his shoulders: The soldier of justice, here to deliver retribution. It's not a job ReXDrake enjoys, but he knows it's a job that must be done, for the enemy is out there and planting vile falsehoods into the impressionable members on the site.

    Over the years ReXDrake has compiled a long list of names, and seeing that many of those listed were in the tournament he knew this was his chance to finish them off once and for all. The beast of old would have to be reborn, for just this one event he knew that 2015 ReXDrake would once again have to rise to the surface. For the tournament ReXDrake has opted to wear the head of an Allosaurus to intimidate the many villains who would cross his path, and he lives by the policy that the best defense is a good offense.

    10. @Cake;

    One of the few females existing within TMF. These days she is seldom seen and seldom heard, only showing up once in a while to bless the forum with her graces. Cake is a fighter who prefers not be seen and prefers not fight, entrapping and hypnotizing her adversaries to stand down. Proud of her Hispanic culture she dons an ornamental mask of Día de Muertos bought from some merchant named Doma, which doubles as a tool to captivate and entrance her opponents. Her true intentions for fighting in this tournament or currently unknown. Sources suggest she's either looking to spread peace and love through the lands, or she's looking to expand the territory of her cartel.


    11. @Great Potato;

    Everyone is familiar with Pimp of Pimps and MC, the two crown Admins of TMF, or at least they were. However, their best days are no behind them. With MC stepping down to a lowly Advisor status and lengthy breaks and PoPs being unresponsive with infrequent activity, Great Potato entertained the forbidden thought that he stood as the top Admin of the forum. Whatever the case, the thought of messing with the members alone was more than enough incentive for the slithering snake of the shadows to emerge and partake in this excursion. Of course he also made sure to grab his machete for the occasion, a versatile tool, it's never a bad time to carry one with you.

    12. @DoflaMihawk;

    A deadly fusion between two of the most notorious Shichibukai, DoflaMihawk takes with him the best of both worlds. The flying slashes and expertly crafted swordsmanship of the World's Strongest Swordsman combined with the ruthlessness and aerial prowess of the Heavenly Demon, with a stylish outfit that speaks both extravagance and class. DoflaMihawk has focused the recent years improving his craft to be more formidable than ever, dropping down hot forum edits, hitting people with heavy roasts, and doing his best to stand out as the top dog of the staff. Last year he challenged GP and tasted defeat, but while GP is sitting comfortable and cocky, DoflaMihawk has learned from his defeat and is ready to surprise him in round 2.

    13. @Makenzye;

    A relic of the ancient past, old man Makenzye is the village elder of TMF and perhaps the most venerable member on the forum. While other members try crunching numbers and finding the cold analytics behind things, Makenzye is the type to sit one down and paint a vivid picture and illustration of his perspective coming from a place that more easily resonates with the casual observer. However, not all of his faculties are entirely there resulting in mishaps like grabbing a paintbrush instead of a weapon to bring into combat. His years of running TMF's comic shop has taught him the ins and outs of being a Hero which has allowed him to acquire skills such as the Hero's Spin and Shuriken of Light, and his headgear stands as a momento to his feline companion to help him from getting homesick. He plans to use the tournament as a means to impress and woo Lady Mak.

    14. @VICE;

    While VICE has become a less vocal presence in modern times, he simply wouldn't allow a competition to be held within his own domain without his own participation in the matter. It's been a decent amount of time since VICE really came in and made a strong impact and he's hoping that even if he falls short he creates another ripple that gets his name out there in the limelight. When the time came to gear up for war VICE made a questionable judgement call to go for the most pinup style attire available, but has an ace up his sleeve with a little dog accompanying him. Also, don't be fooled by the "Type 8" in his profile, he assures you that he's most certainly a Type 1.

    15. @Void;

    Whenever a big event rises up there is only one thing on Void's mind, what sort of juicy memes he can produce from it. Void is a master of his craft, he carries around his brush always prepared to produce the dankest of edits at a moments notice. When not crafting content the brush also serves a useful secondary purpose of striking out names to lengthen the size of his ignore list, rumors have it that half the current lineup has gotten this cold shoulder and those who cross paths with him in the tourney are soon to follow. Not all bad though, there's always room in Void's jacuzzi for those he takes a liking towards, and if you're looking for a fun conversation to pass the time he's your guy. He does have his issues with the staff though and will use the competition as a platform to take some of it out.

    16. @bootleg boy;

    The former moderator of the UBD, back then not many people paid Teo too much mind, only after he retired did his name spread to the far reaches of the forum and turn him into a contender for member of the year. The mystery behind his sudden increase in strength is obvious, he has fully embraced the way, the truth, and the light: Gyou'un. This man would have a tremendous impact on Tokio, inspiring him to take up the way of the blade himself and set out to live up to his example. With his newfound power he stands for a noble cause looking to root out the social injustices that plague the world and silence the opposition who try to keep the light from being shed upon it.

    17. @Crispickle;

    The great evil that was banished from TMF, the man who fell from grace before the eyes of all, his reign on the forum ended on a devastating note in 2018. The threat was gone, or so we all thought, but Crispinianus has climbed his way back onto the scene looking for REVENGE against the forum that had turned his back on him. With years experience of foam fighting as a recreational activity he anticipates that his skills will translate to the actual blade and acts with skillfull manuevers such as a high technique counter, rapid fire strikes his victim will struggle to keep up with, and a stab to strike their openings. Crispi is a frightening man with nothing to lose and everything to gain, he hopes more than anything to watch Kong and GP squirm in a potential encounter.

    18. @pizzadust;

    A key player in the infamous bust and Crispickle's right hand man. When Allara was exposed to the forum he made no attempts to hide or excuse his actions, he fully embraced them with a heart full of pride and put the forum at fault for lashing out against him for such actions. These days Allara is able to live out his submissive fantasies role-playing as a made, when asked to wear something more appropriate for the occassion, he grew angry at the mere suggestion. Regardless of what opinions may be had on Allara though, the man has conviction and is looking to remind everyone why he was such a presence on the forums.

    19. @Mercantilist;

    TMF cultivates a lot of blunt members, but none quite so abrasive as Mercantilist. The word sugarcoating doesn't exist in his vocabulary, the first time he heard the term was from MC and it gave him an allergic reaction reading it. It's always easy to know where you stand with him since he makes his opinion quite clear. He's the Merc with the Mouth and thus he wears the outfit of the Merc with the Mouth, and he also likes to carry a gnarly sickle to cut people down to size. His fighting style is ruthless, up close, and personal, if they can't take the heat they shouldn't have entered the kitchen. As for his endgame? He just wants to kill some time.

    20. @Minty;

    For a long time now Minty has made himself a big name in the game, he balances his forum life with his thriving rap career, and when those two world's collide the product is usually something to behold. With this tournament he figures doing well will expand his audience and boost sales for when he drops his next album. Even though he's very obviously a swordsman, Minty likes to insist that he's "something else" with his unique blend of power and freshness; his blade skills and swag inspired by a touch of circus theatrics from his personal role model. Some sources say he may in fact be a ninja!


    21. @Millennium Creed;

    The crown upon his head says all that one needs to know about the man in this picture. MC stands as the face of TMF and even after stepping down and taking many lengthy breaks from the site his influence s enough for him to retain that aura he built for himself. Outside of the crown he keeps himself looking clean and slick in a tuxedo much like his partner who helped oversee the site PoPs, but takes it a step farther with a briefcase to spare. For MC this competition is the final hurrah to prove himself the main character of TMF, though it already seemed to be a common consensus regardless when he inquired, perhaps old insecurities still lie dormant under the surface.

    22. @Ultra;

    One of the most confident members on the forum, though members would generally agree that it's not entirely misplaced. Ultra is a member who relies on his brains over brawn, he won't just outplay his adversaries, he'll cause them to outplay themselves and then be there to rub it in when they do. When Ultra heard about the competition he immediately went to the lab to devise his own power-suit that would guarantee him the victory, loaded out with heavy artillery to blow away the competition and durable armor to match, although he made sure to keep his head exposed to his victims know exactly who it is that did them in. He figures that once he wins the tournament there will be a lot of people coming to the mafia section for revenge, in which case he'll give them all another taste of defeat and create an endless cycle of activity.

    23. @Ink Spot;

    One of the two rulers overseeing the section where this is all going down, Ink Spot has chosen to represent his section with pride wearing a hat from gaming's most prolific icon. Ink Spot isn't known much for combat, dumping all of his stats into speechcraft to make his enemies fight each other. How will he fair in an actual fight? Not even the man himself knows, which is why he chose to play it safe with a durable suit of armor and an arsenal that gives both great range and defensive properties. Whatever comes his way he's prepared to weather it and turn the tides. Doesn't care too much about winning regardless, he's just willing to accept whatever activity his section will get.

    24. @Usopp;

    One of the most explosive introductions in TMF history, Usopp has become both staff and member of the year in record time and he isn't planning to slow down anytime soon. As a sniper when deciding his choice of weapon for the battles ahead he naturally went with the gun. Despite what the title of sniper would tell you, his arsenal is full of traps and gadgets like the flame pillar and drop bomb that make his opposition think twice about getting in close, nowhere is safe on the map against this guy. He feels a victory here is the best way to keep up the momentum and turn Punk Hazard into a truly unrivaled empire.

    25. @Pacifista;

    An incredibly powerful android created by Dr. Vegapunk, certainly one of the favorites to take home the gold. Pacifista is outfitted from head to toe in varied heavy weaponry making him the perfect killing machine. Part of the first wave of new moderators, the Pacifista was eventually retired, but still serves as an effective field warrior. He continues to analyze and collect data on all sorts of subjects, from the members on the forum to the franchise of Godzilla, it's stored a comprehensive amount of information within making it far more advanced than the typical factory line Pacifista machine. Conversation with Pacifista is not recommended, it's advanced processing speeds will have it formulating a novel in the time it takes you to say hello. Pacifista has no reason for participating in the tournament, he's simply following his programming.

    26. @Y;

    A man with vast intellect and even more vast resources. Y was the first to hear about the upcoming tournament because he hacked the higher ups and learned of their plans before they were even in the making, this gave him plenty of time get to work early on his own advanced combat suit. Y scoffs at the rudimentary craft seen on other contenders, with his own gear operating on the sleekest high grade technology, best money can buy. All of his calculations and numbers he's crunched for the UBD give him a formulaic knowledge of how to mathematically inflict the most pain on his adversaries. The only thing he didn't factor in was cost-benefit analysis, because the time and resources spent into this are already worth far more than any prize that could be delivered upon.

    27. @Tifa;

    Tifa makes her way into the tournament with a chance to nab the spotlight. Her cheerful disposition and extravagant outfit show clearly exactly how enthusiastic she is about being forced into this tournament. Tifa is bringing dozens of various strategies into the competition after she asked for advice on the forum on how to proceed and got every male on TMF trying to give her an answer, but how much of it is actually good advice remains to be seen. Her only wish in the tournament is to be put as far away in the brackets as possible from Yoshi, and perhaps that there's some camera's with good angles so she'll have more content for the photo thread.

    28. @A;

    Avalon is a force that crops up wherever there is drama. When he caught wind a big event was coming he cut to the front of the line to get in as soon as he can. Avalon is a masked menace, always concealing his true identity and using countless cover ID's to get in and work his way close to members or into sects of the community, only to then pull out the rug from other them and reveal they were duped all along. There is no gain for Avalon doing this, he just likes to watch the world burn, and the contest gives him a good chance to watch some chaos unfold. He still is someone who prefers to keep his distance with ranged attacks adding fuel to the fire and sitting back to watch the flames with a bag of popcorn. Not even the Admins have been safe from many of his shenanigans.

    29. @Alex D. Boss;

    Alex D. Boss, he came, he saw, he conquered. After a long successful career on TMF, Alex officially retired, but is ready to return to the ring once again to show he's still got it. A man of many talents he has played both forum heel and forum hero, but regardless of what role he plays, he makes sure to play it as a boss. Alex carries himself as a figure of authority, able to command respect and followers from the masses, he knows what it takes to be an influential voice that gets people to listen. However, he hasn't spent his retirement simply relaxing. In his retirement Alex has ascended even further beyond, and obtained his own super form. With this his victory is all but guaranteed, his eyes are on the prize and he will settle for nothing short of the top.

    30. @Nikamara;

    A cold blooded killer, there is none quite as sinister as the diabolical Nikamara. This woman is an Assassin by nature, calculating and methodical, she spares no remorse to anyone. While she normally goes about her business in the nude, for the purpose of the tournament she has decided to wear the skins of animals she has tortured and killed, to strike fear into the hearts of her enemies. She stands as a domineering force, and with her victory will plan to uproot the mafia and create an assassin syndicate in its place. There is still a twinge of humanity beneath it all, if you can appeal to her artistic side through music or writing she may just take a fancy to you.


    31. @Dai Don Dedede;

    The self-proclaimed Don of TMF, Dedede features primarily in the Kankoku Pass section where he's a name to be feared. On swing of his mighty hammer can send most foes packing with no retort, few can stand up to the weight of his blows. In recent times he's shown that his skills don't end there, he can be quite a force to be reckoned with in most sections that he stands to post in, the true limits of his potential are still a mystery since nothing has ever pushed him that far, he handles everything with a borderline lackadaisical nature. That said there are still corners of TMF where his name isn't so prominent, and by winning the championship he hopes to change that.

    32. @Crispinianus;

    Kong is an advanced species of simian that found his way onto TMF and settled in to make it his territory ever since. Notably Kong is an albino, and he takes immense pride in his white fur, making sure to groom at least twice daily to keep his luxurious snowy complexion. Over the years Kong has filled his head with so many unseen truths and next level knowledge that the hair upon the top of his head ended up taking the shape of a tinfoil hat, with his tie red as the pills that he swallows. This has been a good year for Kong, he accomplished his crowning achievement with his part in dropping the Crispi menace and is looking to keep up that momentum to win big once more.


    I don't know if I'll be doing any actual followup to this at all, it would be something that would take a good deal of effort to make entertaining, but I figured it might be fun to just throw in some character profiles at the very least.

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    Holy shit, this must have been quite a bit of work, great job GP.

    Now all that's left to do is start a CPU tourney and see who takes the belt

    - - - Updated - - -

    Allara's entry

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    Very creative. Nice, GP.

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    One day I'll be part of one of these.

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    You have too much time

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    The Glorious Fellowship of the Round Jacuzzi:

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    Why does everyone know exactly how Crispy and Allara look though

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    waking up to this thread

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    Is that Zenou's head?

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    Omg ichiryuu is so accurate a lot of people are, will go through this thoroughly tonight after work

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    Truly amazing. This was a good read.

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    allara in that maid outfit is really accurate. overall, this is truly magnificent. great job gp

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    i finally read them all, Pacifista is my favourite one

    good guy
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    This is gold

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    GP delivers once again, proving why he should be poster of the year.

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    Gotta spread rep.

    Nika's was hilarious.

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    Great stuff.

    Too lazy to read them all though

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    is Cake back?

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    High quality thread.

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