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    Solo Leveling expanded cast of characters/world?

    Are we gonna see more recurring characters introduced and more than just Korea's dungeons being explored later? Will the MC have a reliable go to party to go dungeon raiding when he's not solo leveling?

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    "Ally" character will become obsolete as MC will be OP alone, they'll just take the odd jobs behind the screen.

    basicly the usual stuffs

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    I think as the title suggests hes solo leveling so he probably will be doing the bulk of his raids alone with help from the healer girl and maybe a few others. As far as whether or not there will be dungeons outside of Korea maybe? I think eventually we will see the scope of this world that opens up to hunters. It's probably alot more intricate than we currently understand it.
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    i hope so. I want this to become a globe spanning series. We already got a tease at america with the S rank guy who will come in 2 months


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    He should eventually go overseas to conquer the foreign Dungeons, in which he'll amass a lot of reputation if he clears Dungeons that famous parties couldn't conquer
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