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    One Piece Chapter Prediction - Interest Check

    Fellow PH citizens, are you guys interested in a weekly chapter prediction? Where everyone can post their predictions, of course itíll be set with rules and maybe rewards.

    Does anyone need me to explain how this works? If so, I donít mind to.

    Anyways, how many are interested?

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    Ancient Demon Dokgo's Avatar
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    why not?
    The Demon that Devour Souls

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    Cafe Conqueror X's Avatar
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    Sure, but I don't think rewards will be necessary, or will ever be applied.

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    Yeah why not. You know i've been thinking about implementing a Daily Login reward system too at that. Hell I think this website even needs a little bit more financing, let's get the Loot Chest reward system rolling already.

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    Don't think we need specific rules or rewards lol, just make a thread each week and we can predict shit.

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    Yeah, what Dofla said

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    a sort ranking would be great though, to make it more competitive

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