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  • The Worlds Strongest Swordsman's Slash

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  • The Worlds Strongest Man's Quake punch

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    One Piece - Favorite Attack Panel Tournament: Round 1, Match 5

    The Worlds Strongest Swordsman's Slash


    The Worlds Strongest Man's Quake punch

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    That island tilting move remains one of my favorite attacks in the manga.

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    Something about Luffy's fear of the slash after it so seemingly didn't seem all that just makes it all better.

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    bitch, please

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    Man, tough one right off the bat.

    Is the scene with WB's tsunamis in this aswell?

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    the first spoiler isnt working

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    Once again...

    Whitebeard proves his superiority over the others
    Fear me, for I am Meng Hao


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    To be honest WB's attack looked stronger. However Mihawk's slash was more "surprising" and therefore more IMPRESSIVE because of how casually and unexpected it was

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    This is fairly tough but I'd give this one to Mihawk.

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    As much as I like Mihawk you just need to look at the scale of Whitebeards attack to know who wins here, that shit was insane
    Tho I'm pretty sure Mihawk was casual as heck here while WB looked like he had to somewhat flex his muscles

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    WB tilting the world though.

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    This is an easy one for me.

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