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    - The Zenou clan is a clan of 1500 warriors at the moment. They used to be with 2400 but they lost 900 men at the Battle of Koyoku where they showed everyone there amazing breakthrough-and will power, aswell as there warlike nature. The leader, Zenou, is actually a war orphin from a Quanrong couple. It was no one else than Kanki who found him when Zenou was at the age of 12. After killing 14 of Kanki his best men, Kanki decided to take him in his Brigand Army. From that moment on, Zenou has been given all the most warlike, berserk and crazy warriors and so the Zenou clan started. At the moment Zenou is 17 years old even tho he looks at least like a massive hulk in his 30's. According to Maron, Zenou will reach his peak soon when he turns 20. His men adore him and even Kanki secretly admires him.

    - The Feego Tribe. This Tribe is the largest one in Yotanwa her army. They count 8000 men. After the current battle this amount will probably be around 2000. Danto is the son of Vazgo and Slama. No idea who they are. He is vegetarian and before being a warchief he was a liberal politician in his tribe. He changed his mind when neighbouring refugees from the Faji Tribe raped his sister. Since than Danto only raised as a man, warrior and chief. He has 4 kids even tho nr 3 he keeps denying.

    More will follow about other tribes and clans.

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    nice, looking forward to it.

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    Could you stop spreading your poop on those forums please?
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