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  1. #41

    Damn, the Monster Lords are fucking hype

    Fear me, for I am Meng Hao


  2. #42
    That romance subplot is so annoying.

  3. #43

    Damn, that hype for the Monster Lords is pretty bad since they'll eventually be killed by soldiers
    Seems like everyone is a monster...

    Fear me, for I am Meng Hao


  4. #44

    Damn, a fraction of Purson's power is still stronger than the MC. I wonder how they were able to kill the Monster Lords then... They probably had hidden experts joining in on the fray
    She might be the best girl after all and she's pretty smart, planning shit ahead of the events

    Fear me, for I am Meng Hao


  5. #45

    Brody Baldov has too much titles....
    What a surprise with that appearance... Crazy as fuck.

    - - - Updated - - -
    @Gold; @felixng2015; @R;
    Fear me, for I am Meng Hao


  6. #46
    Holy shit that villain reveal


  7. #47
    Started reading this

    Good stuff

  8. #48
    Knew that dude was sketchy

  9. #49
    Kazutrash - A Real Man hentaisenpai's Avatar
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    Jan 2018
    Reminds me of Re:Zero

  10. #50
    Good read

    So were the succubus woman and Rae or whatever was the name of the girl in the beginning the same person or?

    The past of the skeleton soldier is still kind of mystery to me

  11. #51

    I was kind of hoping that Slime was actually making it seem like he was killing them but R.I.P. that thought
    Lv.1 (120)... What does this mean... Pretty cool abilities he gets each time he dies though
    Rena with her Criminal Affinity's description. Damn it with the separation
    Damn, a new Character and it's also a TOP TIER. I bet he made the MC unconscious or straight up killed him
    Seems like his Understanding of the "Race: Skeleton" has reached the maximum. I wonder what will happen now

    Fear me, for I am Meng Hao


  12. #52

    Damn, what happened to him...
    Did he get killed or something. Did he get kidnapped...
    Or is this a test by the System

    Fear me, for I am Meng Hao


  13. #53

    So it seems like he's being tested by the person
    Is it a he or a she...
    Are they a Monster Lord or something and it seems like he knows something about the girl

    Fear me, for I am Meng Hao


  14. #54
    Doubt it's one of the monster lords

    Probably the skeleton's next "Necromancer" that he will work with.

    Might be based on Hel, Loki's daughter in norse mythology who rules over the dead and has half-dead body like this lady here.

  15. #55

    Damn, she must be a really strong Necromancer if the MC leveled up just by being touched by her
    I think she gave him a part of her skull so he got some new abilities

    Fear me, for I am Meng Hao


  16. #56

    Man, the quality for the pages are so unbearable
    So the Necromancer killed that dude huh...
    Seems like she's pretty strong

    Fear me, for I am Meng Hao


  17. #57
    Is any other group picking up where Meraki left off?

  18. #58
    Quote Originally Posted by Gold View Post
    This quote is hidden because you are ignoring this member. Show Quote
    Is any other group picking up where Meraki left off?

    Jaimini's Box = Peerless Dad, Red Storm, Solo Leveling
    Returner's Scans = A Returner's Magic Should Be Special
    Anonymous = Chronicles of Heavenly Demon (Probably a 1 time Chapter)
    One Shot Scans = Skeleton Soldier Couldn't Protect the Dungeon (Don't know about this one)

    Don't know for the others

    Just use MangaDex to figure them out I guess
    Last edited by Meng Hao; 02-05-2019 at 05:15 AM.
    Fear me, for I am Meng Hao


  19. #59

    Damn, the sword is pretty strong if they don't know about the mechanics of it
    The female probably has better weapons if she just gave that to him
    The carriage of the prince looks pretty nice
    So much MCs with the power to absorb shit, it's getting fucking ridiculous

    Fear me, for I am Meng Hao


  20. #60
    For some reason I expect things to go wrong for the bonelady

    Don't die

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