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    Shunsuiju vs Mouten

    Both have 20 000 random soldiers from their respective states (8k infantry, 8k cavalry and 4k archers).

    The battle takes place in Shukai Plains. Who will win?

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    don't think mou ten's at that level yet, but he'll probably get there soon

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    Mouten snacks him

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    SSJ's showings are more impressive so far.

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    I can see Mouten surpassing him by the end of the arc, but for now SSJ wins.

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    shunsuiju has no tactical showings and while we can guess his micro level by how good his macro is, this is more mouten's playground.

    a tossup, but mouten wins if he can reduce it to a 10k vs 10k

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    Hard to tell at this point. We don´t know yet the conclusion of the battle between SSJ and Yotanwa. For now SSJ seems impressive but I bet that Yotanwa is gonna own his ass in the next chapters, thus diminishing his hype and potrayal a lot

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    With this small army, I will learn toward Mouten. If it 50k+, then Ssj is the clear winner.

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    I don't think SSJ is sufficiently superior enough tactically to make up for Mouten's ability to get in the thick of the action himself and inspire his troops enough to make his own tactics win out.

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    Mouten has a cheat code with GG moments

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    I don't think SSJ is as smart as Mouten.

    I think he just knows mountain people and Xiongnu really well.

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    SSJ gets the benefits of doubt honestly.. He should be better than Kisui and Mouten is barely holding Kisui on credit of Makou soldiers competency and his own Gakuka unit

    20k is closer to Mouten advantage, but random soldiers will probably give SSJ's edge here

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