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    Enemies becoming allies

    do you think we'll see a lot of this in the future of the series?

    like defeated enemy generals becoming a vassal for the manga's protagonists

    if so, what characters do you think will get vassals this way?

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    If Ousen didn't get even one, he's gonna be a very sad Pokemon trainer

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    Rozo will join Yotanwa.



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    Rozo will obviously die lol

    The states are gonna be conquered, so their generals either fight to the death or accept Sei as their king. I dont think Hara will use the second in any case though, maybe Qi

    Becoming vassals of a Qin general is definitrly a no though.

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    I really hope so, but then again, anyone worth their salt is just there to be killed anyways

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    Kisui become Ousen's vassal will be good.

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    Kisui probably. He strikes me as a good guy who will survive and accept Qin's view when Zhao will be defeated.

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    I hope so. At least let some familiar faces we already saw become part of the Qin army. Would be pretty cool imo.

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    Guys like Kisui that seem not to possess that much of love for Zhao as a country can possibly become allies when they have the right conditions from Qin.

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