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    ren pa pulled his stunt after 5 whole days of fighting. naturally, that'd give him plenty of time to retrieve information and study the flow of battle. he even made it a point to mention how similar ou sen's manner of warfare is to haku ki's; a general he had years of experience fighting against. not to mention the big glaring clue in the terrain itself in the form of the wei di. that ren pa predicted ou sen's course of actions without any hint is just blatantly false.

    as is the argument that the mountain people all share the same or similar style of warfare.

    sure, ytw's strategy wasn't without provocation, but the possible courses of action really wasn't as limited as you're making it seem.

    and really, all the same arguments you're making against ssj's foresight could be made against ren pa as well.

    'ren pa didn't perfectly read an opponent he had no idea about, he just reacted in a perfect way to something he could reasonably expect given the terrain, his familiarity with ou sen's style of warfare, and and the events that had transpired thus far.'

    these characters aren't clairvoyant. not even ren pa. all of their predictions have some basis or provided incentive, and pointing that out doesn't belittle the level of their strategical acuity.

    ssj knowing ytw would want to act because of their dwindling food stores and using goba as bait isn't any different or less impressive than ren pa knowing ou sen would want to capitalize on the wei di and using kyou en as bait for it.

    what's impressive about both of their feats is how deeply their ploys ran, or how far in advance they schemed. not the lack of reasoning behind their action, because they both had plenty to go off of.

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    gonna says that his int in 93~94 for now

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    I dont know, its hard thing to know what intel he has... probanly no one thought that Ryuutou would have a 92 and on top of thar compared with Kisuis 90. it mostly will be important how hard the payday will be Yotanwa will give Ssj.

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