For real all trolling aside. Mihawk's title holds no weight unless we know how he got the title. Like I said with the Kenshin example. Kenshin didn't defeat anyone in particular to claim the title. He was given the title by the Meiji Gov't because they needed a signature hero.

The 7BK were created to scare new pirates. The WG makes their reputation a lot crazier than it really is to increase the fear factor. For instance, Buggy was more afraid of Crocodile than he was of Mihawk. And most people are afraid of Hancock and the Amazonians as a whole. Are they all that powerful? No, but their reputation makes them fearsome. Can Mihawk really kill someone with his glare? Remains to be seen like fossils at a museum.

Now, for people saying that whoever has a world strongest title is stronger than everyone by default and that's how stories work, when has that EVER been the case in fiction or nonfiction? What other series? What example in real life? HSDK and Baki the Grappler are the only series were something like that is the case, but the world strongest characters in those series actually SHOWED they were the strongest.

In fact, there was a documentary about the World Champion kickboxer who went to a village in Senegal and found out there was a whole tribe of fighters able to fodderize him.

How is he the WORLD CHAMPION when there are people in the WORLD, larger, smaller, older, and younger than him that can beat him? Obviously because there are people who are unknown and there are people who don't care about titles.