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    Why are the scans so dark?

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    because it looks much better this way
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    yeah it's a curves enhancement made by the scanlators

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    That does not benefit anyone or anything... this is a visual medium, drawing and skills in that area are important. Dont know why a scanlator group would change the scans and make them darker.

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    Why were all the other answers for this thread deleted?

    I simply said the new scans were too dark. Many details are simply disappearing. Look at Ouhon's chestplate at the top of this page, look at the horse, it's even worse.

    On many new Ousen panels, half the details on his mask become completely black and can't be seen, while on the originals you can see them.

    At least when I will get the french volumes, I'll get good quality.
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    I have brought Volumen 49 ans 50 and the art Quality is Really Great.

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    Why were all the other answers for this thread deleted?
    they werent deleted, its a tech problem

    Reposting what I said before:
    The brighter ones are much better

    specially the facial shading

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