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    Witcher 3 vs God Of War

    Best games i ever played(disregarding nostalgia),which one do you think is better?

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    both are masterpieces
    but TW3 just feels complete if you know what I mean

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    The Witcher III

    I liked GOW's gameplay more but TW3 got it beat in almost everything else.

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    For me Gow is better at combat,graphics and EPIC SHIT while Witcher 3 is better at everything else

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    Witcher 3 is a much more complete experience.

    GoW was fucking amazing, but theres no game that captures the essence of an RPG as well as Witcher 3 did for me.

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    I was just thinking about this comparison the other day

    Quote Originally Posted by Forgot My Password Again View Post
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    For me Gow is better at combat,graphics and EPIC SHIT while Witcher 3 is better at everything else
    This pretty much sums it up for me.

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    Witcher just sort of hits home as a game, might also be cus of the year it came out in

    not that I've played the newest GoW yet though

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    the game where dialogue options actually goes to different routes

    haven’t played GoW tho ever since that psp game of it

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    Pretty much what Forgot My Password said, GoW just hit that combat feel perfectly... But the world, the lore, the history and everything else W3 is just clearly better. From the amount of characters, to the choices you make actually affecting the game and many other things.
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    God of War

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    God of War for me by far, never felt the Witcher 3 nor Geralt as a character, but maybe its also the fact that I am mostly done with open world games all together unless its the new Elder Scrolls mostly cuz of nostalgia I'd say, I would rather just play a 20-30 hour game like the souls series or the new GOW than sit through 200 hour games filled with irrelevant shit and god knows how much dialogue, this is pretty subjective though since I just do not enjoy open world games as much since I started to play different types of games.

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    The Witcher 3, easily.

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    The Witcher 3's boring.


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