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Thread: Tork and Bunen

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    Tork and Bunen

    What do you guys make of these brothers' strength. I mean after seeing Goba go at it with Bajio one would expect them to be strong too, but what we saw was Bunen cowardly slaying Katari and Tork taken out with a single thrust from Danto (not taking anything from Danto's strength though).

    Did Goba affect our opinions on their strength? If not what level do you think they are at?

    I personally think Tork is around Eibi/Domon level, while Bunen might be Rihaku level or Mangoku at best, martially that is.

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    tork certainly isn't this natural cataclysm if he lost a battle against feego with comparable or superior troops quality.

    the other two still need material to judge properly

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    oh you mean martially

    well then, more or less the same. I don't think bunen's a bigger deal than a very strong warrior under his command. Rozo is the strong one, they're his sons so they don't have to be strong, they just command in virtue of their father's right of rule.

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    think they all have their own specialities

    goba has his martial skill

    bunen has his brutality

    tork has his ??? (presumed tactical ability?)

    they all have a unique trait that makes them fearsome in their own right. was probably wrong of us to assume they all shared goba's strength initially.

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    Rozo 94
    Goba 91
    Bunen 88
    Tork 82

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