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  • Whitebeard(Before Stab)

    5 50.00%
  • Kaido

    5 50.00%
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    Kaido vs MF Whitebeard

    It seems TMF believes these 2 are the strongest characters we have seen so far in the series(bar Roger) based on the polls.So which one is stronger?

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    Whitebeard starts out stronger but loses the war of attrition due to health and age issues.

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    Whitebeard. Probably goes to extreme though.

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    Definately do not see WB winning if he's having heart attacks.

    If he's not having them he wins.
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    WB won’t last longer than Kaido. If it is a healthy WB he would win though.

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    WB was old, sick and way past his prime. His WSM reputation had carried over from olden times. In light of this, I find it hard to imagine how he can beat a prime and healthy Yonko who is also said to be the strongest.

    Kaido wins.

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