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Thread: Zoro vs Sanji

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    Zoro vs Sanji

    Zoro with the seppuku blade vs Sanji who you got?

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    Sanji commits seppuku

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    You could give Zoro Mihawks knife and I still wouldnt feel good about Sanjis chance
    "When I heard — well, of course, it was all my fault. Could have kicked myself.”

    Harry had no idea what he was talking about. He was about to say so when Lockhart went on,

    “Don’t know when I’ve been more shocked. Flying a car to Hogwarts! Well, of course, I knew at once why you’d done it. Stood out a mile. Harry, Harry, Harry.”

    It was remarkable how he could show every one of those brilliant teeth even when he wasn’t talking.

    “Gave you a taste for publicity, didn’t I?” said Lockhart. “Gave you the bug. You got onto the front page of the paper with me and you couldn’t wait to do it again.”

    “Oh, no, Professor, see —”

    “Harry, Harry, Harry,” said Lockhart, reaching out and grasping his shoulder. “I understand. Natural to want a bit more once you’ve had that first taste — and I blame myself for giving you that, because it was bound to go to your head — but see here, young man, you can’t start flying cars to try and get yourself noticed. Just calm down, all right? Plenty of time for all that when you’re older. Yes, yes, I know what you’re thinking! ‘It’s all right for him, he’s an internationally famous wizard already!’ But when I was twelve, I was just as much of a nobody as you are now. In fact, I’d say I was even more of a nobody! I mean, a few people have heard of you, haven’t they? All that business with He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named!” He glanced at the lightning scar on Harry’s forehead. “I know, I know — it’s not quite as good as winning Witch Weekly’s Most Charming Smile Award five times ina row, as I have — but it’s a start, Harry, it’s a start.”​

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    How does Sanji win

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    Come on, people, I wank Zoro to hell and a hand basket, but he can’t beat Sanji without swords. Restricting him to a seppuku knife is like taking away someone’s DF.

    Quote Originally Posted by Crispickle
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    The rest is history: Kong very skillfully discovered our group (that was not even hidden) and spent long wet days exploring every thread, going through every post and stalking our entire stack byte by byte, until he found about 2 or 3 questionable instances, and proceeded to make the dish richer with creative additions like hardcore lolicon porn or the infamous star children pics -whatever it's supposed to mean- and soon after i logged in to me being the Al Capone of children trafficking, ordering constant refill of actual holo 3D virtual reality cp videos, and something about emma watson whose meaning and origin i've yet to understand, since it's definitely the most bizarre claim on top of a cake of more or less unbelievable bullshit. At that point, i wasn't much shocked of Kong, cuz he was just being the slimy Kong we all know and love, but of GP, who i've always seen as the scales balancer between me and Pops in the past, and now he'd be very unbalancedly deploying all his rethorics against me and that circle of people, making a long shade of made up stuff, banning us one by one without giving the chance to speak, hiding the group from everyone's eyes with all the evidence it contained, and proceeding to a fervent damnatio memoriae for still long time after the ban.

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