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    USJ-Noumu vs High-End

    Which 'special' Noumu is superior?

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    The one Endeavour fights seems way superior


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    The one Endeavour fights seems way superior

    six or seven quirks is no joke

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    High end obviously

    USJ Nomu is dumb while High end at least possesses some intelligence.

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    Yeah. High End has intelligence whilst the other just seems to react with no thought. Also, having a suite of abilities to help out is no joke. Even if the other Noumu is physically stronger High End outshines it in just about every other category and then some.

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    It's literally referred to as a high end one

    Your friendship?
    I'll take it!

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    High end has worse durability. But in damage output he is up there too, and muscular's quick could tango with an unmastered One for All at 100%. Anyway we just need to look at the casual devastation he is causing with every move. His regeneration seems way superior too, he's had to regenerate huge parts of his body multiple times since the beginning of his fight with Endeavor. He has more versatility and range in his attacks and evasion maneuvers with his body modifications and finally as people brought up before he seems substantially more intelligent and can at least avoid attacks.

    I feel like the Noumu who attacked at the beginning would've been toast a long time ago if he was facing Endeavor.

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