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    BnHA Spoilers Thread

    Unsure whether or not we currently have this, so here - the olace to post any raws and spoilers for the currently next chapter.

    Chapter 189 spoilers:

    MHA 189: Why does he continue to make a stand?

    Hawks is making short work of the other Nomu in town but they're apparently a lot of them. He's already captured 9 while rescuing people. Meanwhile the High End is caught on camera by the news groups and they talk about the scenery being the same as the nightmare three months before.

    Endeavor suddenly gets up and attacks despite being heavily injured. Despite this the High End continues to stand. Natsuo and Fuyumi are watching and don't understand why Endeavor won't just back down and wait for reinforcements.

    Well, Natsuo doesn't but Fuyumi points out that it's not that he doesn't understand (Natsuo) it's that he doesn't want to acknowlege Endeavor is someone who refuses to give up whether it be here or on the family.

    There's a massive panic as people flee the city, but the one kid from before defends Endeavor that he's still fighting and living for their sakes.

    The High End sees Endeavor rushing toward him and asks if he has the ability to recover, but Endeavor inwardly thinks it's all he can do to even move right now. He's using flames to propel his entire body and the pain from doing so to keep himself from fainting since otherwise he'd just collapse.

    He's figured out that the High End can't take too much damage at his head, and juices up his fire to turn it into ash.

    Hawks comes in and gives back up, he uses the feathers to propel Endeavor forward even faster making wings of pure flame.

    End/ Break next week.

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    my boy hawk proving y'all wrong

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    Hope you don't mind. I renamed your thread and stickied it to the BnHA subsection since this can be pretty useful.

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    And people were doubting Endy was gonna get up and plus Ultra that Nomu

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    Endeavor doesnt go down that easy

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    Your friendship?
    I'll take it!

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