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    Shigaraki and All For One's relationship

    As we've learned, All For One saved and took Tomura with him in order to piss off All Might, his former teacher's grandson. However, did All For One develop some kind of teacher & student feelings during the time he spend watching Tomura growing as a person and leader?

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    i wanna say yeah

    hes probably inexpendable to him both relationship wise and master plan wise

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    He sure did. He wants him to succeed, and do what he couldn't do. Despite messing up all the time he believes he can accomplish what he couldn't

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    We need to have a discussion thread about Bad Touch.

    I really needs to have his power swapped out by AfO

    Your friendship?
    I'll take it!

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    he saw him as his successor. I think it was more father son type relation.

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    I'm not so convinced that he wants to hand things over to Shigaraki. Why would he? He can steal quirks and possibly live forever. However, All Might was stronger than him and the new holder for One For All will be stronger still. By using Shigaraki, he has a guaranteed way to hurt All Might in one of his softest spots. The best way to develop someone is to become a real figure for them. To foster their growth and care for them and that's what he has done with Shigaraki. I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if he's the one who caused the death of Shigaraki's parents (by either killing them himself or secretly giving Shigaraki his decay quirk when he was a small kid) and opened the door of opportunity for him to "save" him and teach him how terrible the world of the heroes actually was.

    If he can develop a villain that can defeat One For All then I imagine that he'd be able to operate as freely as he had before and he'd feel nothing to throwing Shigaraki aside.

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    I don't think he sees Shigaraki as a son, or even close to it. He blatantly told Toshinori he took him in because he knew it'd devastate him. He's a tool to be used.

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    There's obviously some sort of deeper bond between them.

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