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    Only buying online?

    If you couldn't buy your games in stores anymore (Physical games would still exist) and all you could do is order them online (Ebay, Amazon, etc) Would this bother you a whole bunch? Would it make you quit gaming for the hear on future? Do you think you'd just learn to live with it and get used to it, maybe like it at some point?

    With whats been happening in Gamestop and what not, I don't think I'd really mind this all too much. I find it so much more convenient to just order it online, and then just wait for a couple days for the game, and hey, if I want it that badly I could just order one day shipping.

    I don't really buy new games too much to begin with, and the older ones I could just download online through the PSN store.

    (Also, I know you can buy games from other retailers like Walmart or Best Buy, but for the sake of discussion, let's pretend that you can't)

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    I'd really miss the niche feeling of having a dedicated hobby store, but my buying habits tell me I don't really crave it as much as just getting the product at a fair price.

    So while I'd partially miss it, I don't think I'd mind that much.

    Thoughts and prayers.

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    Wouldn't really care

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    this is my life now, it's been like this since the current gen came out. Gamestop has taken over my city and they can never replace our old hangouts. everything in those stores are replaced monthly even the clerks. buying games is not what it used to be

    i miss getting new vg cases

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    I prefer buying physical when I can. I bought GoW physical for my PS4.

    But honestly it's only a problem in the US. Here I have multiple game shops where I can buy games from and none of them are like Gamestop
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    I prefer physical because I grew up on it. The overall enjoyment saving up all those months to get a gamecube with mario sunshine was tremendous.

    I can see the benefits for digital only

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    Physical copies are always cool, but it feels like everything going to be digital purchase eventually. Kinda sucks tbh.
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    I'd miss it, but I'd survive.

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    i only go for gamestop for consoles

    all games are bought online (physical or digital)

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    Its nice when youre in those kinda places, but the fact is going to them is time out your day. Wouldnt miss it if you only have to buy online and Ive got stacks of games just laying around that have been around for ages and all they do is take up space. Would probably prefer it being digital, but only if they make digital copies as good as physical ones (can use the games on other consoles besides your own)

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    I keep reading this thread as, "Only bullying online?"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Makenzye View Post
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    I keep reading this thread as, "Only bullying online?"

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    I misread the OP, if there was an indy game store id go there to get games as long as they dont try to upscale you but pretty much everything in my city is a gamestop or a game and has been for years.

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