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    Honestly, I hope Midoriya and Todoroki don't fight High End anytime soon. It literally took everything that Endeavor could throw at him---the guy who has been second only to All Might for decades---and still handily defeated him while testing out his powers. The students shouldn't go anywhere near High End until they're professional adults themselves.

    And yeah, tearing your head off and throwing it is pretty awesome. I wonder though---if Endeavor has known of his weakness for this long why didn't he do anything to combat it? He's literally on fire all the time and his suit doesn't seem to have any sort of cooling mechanism built into it to help him fight for longer. I guess it can be chalked up to the old Endeavor who was angry and bitter about everything but this is a little weird, especially with a weakness that detrimental (though Endeavor doesn't usually have to fight by only using his high end moves which is what he did in this battle).
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    The fact that he eventually resorted to something as desperate as a forced marriage to combat this weakness tells me it was a wall he could not have overcome by gadgets, maybe whatever would be there to redirect or counteract the heat build up would just melt or stop functioning in the process.

    Or it just wasn't sufficient to go against the extreme heat either way.

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    The reason he does not have any cooling mechanism could simply be because his flames would melt it.

    Or there's no mechanism to effectively cool him down that he could take along everywhere he goes.
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    That may be it....although they can make clothing that can withstand his extreme heat and there are several other heroes who have uniforms and other special items that can withstand/go along with their specific powers. But yeah, since he specifically looked for an ice quirk user to combat the overheating aspect it still must've been too difficult to do it without a cooling quirk being involved.

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    It's be nice for Hatsume to see all this, then she could make something to help Enji out.

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