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Thread: Female Remakes

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    Female Remakes

    Ghostbusters, Ocean's Eight, female remakes of popular movies are starting to pop-up. How do you feel about this trend?

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    As long as it's not forced I don't mind I quite like some of the actors like Anne Hathaway and wish they would star in more films. Seeing them debut in classic movies doesn't take away from the original creation.

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    Ghostbusters wasn't a bad movie, but it wasn't a good movie. I guess it was a serviceable movie? As much as I dislike Melissa McCarthy and don't care much for Kristen Wiig, I'm not sure the movie could have functioned without them.

    I don't mind female remakes anymore than I mind any other sort of remake.

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    I find it hilarious. I dont see the need to make remakes of movies simply for changing the gender. How about doing something original with an all female cast if that is so important to people? Instead they try to do exactly the same movie with the opposite gender.

    Ghostbusters was a huge disappointment for me and a flop at the box office. I doubt Oceans 8 will be much different.

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