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    Best Mafia Websites

    Other than TMF to have a nice game of Mafia, what are some of the best sites to play our beloved game?

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    I've no clue but since people are going to post anyways I'm all for hearing recommendations of the best Mafia sites since I'm delving into it here.

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    Oro Jackson, which is my home site & pretty much the only other place I have played lol.

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    The Syndicate is a nice community. Competitive format games but friendly people, with specific game mods to ease high tensions. They have a unique style of low-mid tier role madness.

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    2+2 whenever i got time and energy.

    First time playing neutral SK, made it to F7 out of 60 ish players. The grind was real

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    Mangamaid probably has the best pound for pound players presently, but the player pool is small and many of the games are rather...challenging with their lengthy day phases. Certainly a far cry from the 24/24 or less that most people here are accustomed to.
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    It would be fun to try out games at other forums

    But i have to make sure i can be active and consistent in TMF games first

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    MangaMaid is the best tbh tbf

    Syndicate is cool as well.

    Narutoforum is loaded with Role Madness games

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    I've only played on 3 sites. OJ, TMF and MM (1 game). I don't know that many sites as I'm relatively new to mafia. Would be nice to try new places.
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    my anime list has a pretty good community with lots of friendly people; however the games require serious dedication as they discuss a lot more than we do on TMF. Like if you're gone for an hour you could miss 500 post. And the day phases are sometimes extremely long.
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