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    What Laptop/Desktop do you have

    I just bought a new Lenovo one for work and fun, its gonna be the strongest laptop ive bought. Cant wait for it to get here

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    What are you gonna do with it?

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    I got, an Acer? Don't know much about laptops, but it's been good so far.

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    hp pavilion laptop

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    What are you gonna do with it?
    I’ll be able to play pretty much any modern game on it so thatll be sweeeeet. Besides that though it’ll be better to just have a capable machine that I can watch videos on and do actual important work which will be almost impossible to crack into. The main reason though is because I’m actually trying to learn how to develop and create my own games in unity and having a laptop with a good processor and a lot of cores is pretty important for that. I want to make really good high quality games and I don’t want a crappy machine to restrict that ambition

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    I don't wanna receive ill comments from Apple haters, but i've got macbook touch bar 15

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    I wanna receive ill comments from Apple haters, i've got 2 macbook touch bar 15

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    I honestly dont see the point bashing macs, at the end of the day if youre happy with what youve got youre happy with what youve got.

    If you wanna talk about spending exuberants amount of money on a brand name, I was actually saving up to buy an alienware 15/17 before I realised it just wasnt feasible and I could get a machine with similar specs for like 2/3 of the price. I wanted that dank ass laptop though

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    1 Fujitsu and 1 Acer.

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    Acer laptop
    Its pretty trash, can't wait to get an actual gaming computer but thats probably not happening any time soon

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    Acer Desktop.
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    Asus desktop and asus laptop

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    ... And an asus phone

    Might as well call myself crispiniasus

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