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    Young trio vs Tou, Rokuomi and Ryuukoku

    Mouten is in overall command on his side (and no Kyoukai) vs Tou with his 2 subs

    Each side has 40k, who wins?

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    Well Tou seems to be one of the only guys that actually does not underestimate them and knows exactly what they are capable of, that gives his team an extra bonus. Hes still superior in every regard to the youngsters and his subs are specialized. Hes a GG and probably still one level to high for them. That sounds like a clear thing, its not, thats just my reasoning why they could win.

    the youngsters are at this moment unpredictable, GG moments could fuck up Tou and especially his subs. On top of that we have a strategist, allrounder and instinctual guy that are hard to predict. Until this arc is over i still dont give them the win, but with the achoevement of this arc that still are comming i wait...

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    Equal numbers, With Tou and no Kyoukai

    this is not even a fight lol

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    looking at it this way, tou is the only one in his army that can hold his own.

    while ryuu koku and roku o mi could fall relatively easily, none of the new gen will be easy for tou to take down
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    I'll give it to Tou, high diff. Experience, too much experience, and he knows how dangerous the 3 of them are. He would deny them a duel with him or his subs and would simply grind down the enemy armies with better strategy. But it wouldn't be easy, far from it.

    His best play would be to kill Mouten quickly since Ouki used to say "kill the strategist type generals first because the longest the battle the more they become a pain in the ass"

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