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Thread: Hyena vs Wolf

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    Hyena vs Wolf

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    Good matchup. Most people favour hyena in this. Personally I’d favour the hyena as well if push came to shove. But realistically, if either somehow met in the wild i doubt they would outright dominate the other or be able to kill the other one.

    Hyenas are very durable, have a stronger bite and a very robust body. Slight size advantage as well I believe. Wolves on the other hand are very durable as well, more agile, longer canines(?). I have seen hyenas get choked by male lions and still survive. So i’d favour them slightly. Just find it harder to believe a wolf be able to kill a hyena.

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    I give the edge to the Wolf. Hyenas usually just feed off of dead animals so there's that. Not to discredit there ability to put up a good fight, but a wolf just strikes me as more cold blooded.
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    Hyenas lack battle instincts because they're fucking vultures.
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