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    Gekishin vs Houken

    What if Gekishin knew of Houkens strength back then and would have actually used his huge number advantage to try and slay him the moment he got in his way? Would he have succeeded or would there still be no chance for him?

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    Did he have a huge advantage against Ribokus HQ? Dont remember...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Naki View Post
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    Did he have a huge advantage against Ribokus HQ? Dont remember...
    He had around 15k but I’m not sure if all of them were his elite poison Cats/dogs while Riboku had 8000. So nearly twice as much.

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    As strong as Houken is, several thousand elites should be able to kill him. Also those elites seemed a great deal stronger than Reebok's troops.

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    To be fair it did not make sense that.. Good question.

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    Yup, from what Riboku's shown thus far looks like he'd have died

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    Gekishin actually have a chance if he understand how much of a threat Houken is and deal with him appropriately

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    He should swarm Houken from all sides, even though he IS a one man army he gotta have some limit BUT Gekishin would loose a lot of his elites and probably get flanked by RBKs HQ troops.

    The best course for him would be lead 12k of his army to circle Houken and go after RBK but his poison dogs were wetting his pants of fear of him so he would probably be forced to stay. His commanderless army then would struggle against RBK despite the number advantage.

    Also Houkens death has no impact on Zhaos planning since RBK is there but Gekishin cant afford to die.

    Damn he was in quite a trap

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