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    Starting GTA San Andreas this Friday

    Any tips? (Gonna do the PS4 release)

    From what I remember as a kid, I always got to the part where the Officer takes CJ out in the middle of nowhere, and that really really long mission that if you mess up you gotta do over again.

    I beat Vice City as a kid, I want to beat this game now.

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    great game, does it look much better on ps4?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ink Spot View Post
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    great game, does it look much better on ps4?
    I'm actually not too sure. I'm gonna look up on Youtube.

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    Super excited to start this game tomorrow.

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    Ah.. This old game. Hope you have a good time

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    Game is making me feel so nostalgic.

    Though, playing a game originally in SD on an HD t.v does hurt my eyes a little bit. I wish Rockstar touched it up a little bit.

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    Shoot the niggas and beat the hookers

    Kill the cops with missiles

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    This game doesn't hold up nearly as good as I remembered it being.

    Ended up getting to the toy plane missions and dropped it.

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