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    (Historical spoilers) Theory on how Gyou Campaign will end

    I have a theory that Qin's victory in this campaign will be somehow connected to another historical event from this year and that is the death of current Zhao king.

    From what I've red the Gyou war takes place in the same year king Toujou (aka pedoking) dies. However, due to Zhao Queen's intrigues the next king will be Toujou's younger son instead of prince Ka. We've actually seen the queen in the chapter where Riboku visits Kantan (at least I think thats the queen).

    There's also a moment where Toujou mentions he has a frail body and that he could succumb to illness. This could be Hara's little hint about him dying soon.

    It's possible that all of it was somehow set up by Qin's spies in order to force Riboku to return to Kantan in the crucial moment of war. We know for a fact that Riboku is heavy supporter of prince Ka, seeing in him the only hope for the future of Zhao. If for example he would get a message that prince's life is in danger (or he won't get the throne), I'm sure he would choose him over Gyou.

    I think this scenario is possible for few reasons:

    1) It explains why Ousen is so confident in this war. We've been told time and time again that he never fights the battles he can loose, yet this entire campaign so far has been one big gamble. Why would he choose to fight China's best general without a plan? However, if he really had a way to get rid of Riboku then it would completely change the situation. He would be free to take supplies from villiges and small cities and continue the siege until Gyou's fall.

    2) It explains what was Ousen's request to Shouheikun - geting authority over spies in Kantan. I wouldn't be surprised if Ousen got regular reports from Zhao palace via birds since the start of this war and somehow manipulated situation in the courts.

    3) It explains why Ousen knew that Riboku didn't get capitol elites from the king. In chapter 517 he said that the only armies they have to worry about are Atsuyou and Ryouyou army. It happens just after Riboku's conversation with the king, so it's possible that Ousen knew about it from the spies.

    4) It's a "good" end for Riboku, since he doesn't win, but doesn't loose either. Riboku so far been set up by the author as the biggest threat that Qin has to face in the conquest of China. It wouldn't make sense for him to loose so important war, under such circumstances so early in the story. However, if he'd be straght up blackmailed to give up on this battle then it still presents him as a threat while Qin would win the war (which let's be honest, has to happen). Also, king Toujou said that he will execute Riboku if he fails in this war and historically it's still few years until Riboku's death.
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    it's.... possible. a lot of tinfoiling, but it makes sense with the whole psychological stuff that surrounds ousen's warfare.

    I'd like it if Ousen actually did something in the battlefield beforehand, though.

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    interesting. would explain a lot like you said. also just checked the wiki and it was mentioned that he died in the midst of a qin invasion, and this is the only qin invasion that happened this year. didn't know all this until now.

    would be crazy if ou sen orchestrated it.

    just gave me something more to look forward to in the coming chapters.
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    Coming from Ousen's careful nature, he'll send assassin to kill the king instead of sending spies to monitor him

    Actually, he'll send both

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    nice thought but I don't wanna get my expectations up to have them be destroyed

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    Interesting theory. It definitely looks like the kind of thing Ousen would pull. Instead of beating the enemy general, he manages to force him to leave the battlefield by assassinating the king and spreading chaos in the court.

    We'll see ...

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    You know, the more I think about it, the more I believe this theory is somehow the right one. Everything fits.

    1) Ousen asking something important to Shk that will be revealed at the end of the arc (give him control over the spies in Kantan)

    2) Ousen engaging Riboku and not doing anything while he knows he hasn't enough ressources to outlast Gyou. Besides he is not the kind of man to really gamble on a right wing victory. So he already has a plan for the remaining 10 days.

    3) Riboku isn't credited in this war historically. So him leaving would fit.

    4) Riboku is too strong a general to be beaten by Ousen/Ouhon/Shin in 1 day. If he is here he would find a way to weather their assault.

    I'm really sure about it now. Riboku won't see the end of this battle. He will be away and he will have to leave in a hurry.

    That would also fit with how Hara sees Riboku : a Great General who will die "undefeated" (minus coalition).
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    Why people are trying so hard to fit Riboku's history when Hara has already raped and spit on it is beyond me, Riboku has already lost, that's dusted and done already.

    Ousen having the power to assasinate kings at will, suuuuure
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    Quote Originally Posted by Pirao View Post
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    Ousen having the power to assasinate kings at will, suuuuure

    It's more like the spies they have in the Zhao court are aware one of the factions is preparing something, and they can push for it to happen sooner by manipulating those people ...

    Ousen won't assassinate the King, more like he will make it happen at the right moment.
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