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    The new Nr. 2 Hero looks quite cool. His design reminds me a bit of Kaminari.

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    Hawks looks awesome.

    Shame Gang Orca aint top 10 anymore.

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    hawk looks amazing.

    which means we will likely get some tokoyami action

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    yea hawk looks great. the bunny hero also looks cool

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    The peerless Hero...Mirio needs to come back soon. Hawk looks good, that’s a nice bit of hype for Tokoyomi, he’s easily on Bakugo’s level.

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    yea, forshadowing i guess. Mirio might come back

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    See you in the desert... Makenzye's Avatar
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    Dec 1970
    Why wouldn't the foster program specifically have a side program for those with dangerous and hard to control quirks?

    In fact, why wouldn't the schools have a program for dangerous quirks?

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    I like to think that on the inside, Endeavor is reacting to this similarly to how Bakugo did when they had to strap him down so that he could accept his medal at the Sports Festival.

    Please tell me that we might be getting some Tokoyami focus soon. It's been way too long since he's gotten a chance to do anything.

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    Sincerely Insincere Y's Avatar
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    Jul 2013
    Yeah, he's definitely beating himself up on the inside on how he got there while keeping up appereances for the sake of it's meaning.

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    Ink Spot's Avatar
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    my nigga Beast Jeanist got mentioned

    plz come back

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    DoflaMihawk's Avatar
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    Endeavour's new costume

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    Never Dead, ヌ變Never Dies WiskÓđinn's Avatar
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    drug cartel hostage bunker
    Eri as precious as ever

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    Cafe Conqueror X's Avatar
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    Feels like we need a real story here.

    The Commander From Hell

    We The North

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    I mean, Endeavor felt that way initially but this was official. He's no longer the de facto Number 1 but the actual Number 1. In addition, this was based off his doings as a hero. Now of course, he could still be comparing himself to All Might but I don't see a point in that being belabored much more. After all, what did he have that conversation with All Might for if not to shed the shackles of constantly feeling like he needs to beat All Might? He should be free of that and should now be following his own path. I'm a lot more interested in seeing where he'll go as a hero when he's not so single mindedly focused on beating All Might just because he wants to beat All Might. Now, he's had time for some true introspection so this seems to me to be a brand new Endeavor.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DoflaMihawk View Post
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    Endeavour's new costume
    Resembles All Might's early design costume tbh.

    Endeavor truly is the number 1 hero... The greatest man.

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    Sword of the Morning Dellinger's Avatar
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    Jul 2014
    I’m not supposed to feel any hype for this since half of the top 10 got fodderized

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    That would be the case if there was more than 1 person in the manga who could fodderize half of the top 10 atm.

    In my opinion that is.

    Personally I'm pretty hyped for Hawks.

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