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Thread: The ASOFAF Gods

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    The ASOFAF Gods

    I really hope Martin fleshes things out a bit more with the Gods in his series since he's mentioned them so much yet we're still pretty clueless about them all.

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    There's no evidence of there are even Gods in ASOIAF.

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    I feel like the point of it all is that humans are all somewhqt or completely wrong about them.

    And magic of the old gods is either genuine because it was from them or just existed as a natural rlement of the world.

    There's the Faceless Men worshipping the aspect of death, which is like the Stranger from Faith of the Seven. Thqt sect, FotS, is the least shown one. And it doesn't serve a purpose other than being part of a culture. But those 2 "gods" are very similar. Which brings me to the Drowned god, which could just be "the other" aka the god of ice and death, but just seen from the viewpoint of the ironborn.

    Rh'llor or whatever it's called represents fire and life, while "the other" represents the opposite. Song of ice and fire, song of those 2 gods.

    Followers of those 2 have used magic and supernatural ways to bring people alive or reanimated them.

    Checkerface from that prologue in book 2 was found 3 days after a shipwreck, surviving while the rest of the crew died. Readers think it's because he's a prophet of the drowned god, and iron isles' culture involves voluntarily drowning to receive a blessing.

    I would say GRRM probably thought it this way

    Faith of the seven = holy trinity of christianity, based on faith.

    Rh'llor/The other = taoism, yin/yang. Mysticism, old beliefs, sacrifices.

    Idk, I think the main point is that old magic is real, because it's almost primordial in nature, and would exist even without gods.

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