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Thread: Globalism

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    What's your opinion on it


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    Might as well start.

    I am a strong supporter of Globalism and feel the world as a whole would be better off as soon as it is one big trading bloc.


    Some byproducts may be negative but I dont think the progress ever should be stopped.


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    While globalism is good, it would have been better off since humanity’s beginning to avoid any major issues.

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    It depends on the system.
    I am all for being able to freely travel across the world and not be judged or blocked etc,but if being united as a planet means there will be 200-1000 people that will govern the land then that would be a big issue.
    We can see how bad politicians are now when they have control of small portions of our planet,but what happens when this type of people decide the fate of billions of people.
    Its sorta like jirayas dream which was never fulfilled.
    It's a nice thought,but make it real is the issue that we currently dont know how to solve.

    Besides it would probably be harder to unite people aka we would be manipulated to fight between each other more easily.

    Maybe I dont know what globalism means,if I dont tell me

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    We should love eachother.

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