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    Create An Infinity Gauntlet

    Using only items found in the DC Universe

    You need to find 6 items to construct a DCU version of the Infinity Gauntlet, constructed from items that are found in the mainstream DC Earth (Post Crisis on Infinite Earths, so Earth, New 52 and Rebirth and beyond can all be used.)

    You must find the following:

    Reality Gem - An object that allows the wielder to warp reality

    Power Gem - An object that grants the user nigh-unlimited power, limitless energy and heavily amplifies their abilities

    Space Gem - Grants the ability to teleport yourself and others anywhere, be in multiple spaces at once and general have control over space and your place in it.

    Mind Gem - Grants the user increased mental faculties and telepathy

    Soul Gem - Grants the user the ability to influence souls of the living dead

    Time Gem - Grants the user control over the timetream. They can travel through time, view the past and future, stop time, reverse or fast forward time, etc.

    Obviously you must find either items that can accomplish things similar to each gem, which could be fashioned into a gem, or a power/energy source that could be fashioned into a gem.

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    There really isn't much of an analogue since those items connected the user to the concept within the universe as opposed to just giving them an extra boost in power.

    But if I were gonna take objects or concepts which could be "boiled down," and kinda similar, these are the ones I'd pick:

    Reality - Flame of Py'tar or the Miracle Machine
    Power - Sword of Superman or the White Lantern Battery
    Space - Mother Box
    Mind - Third Eye of Despero
    Soul - Helmet of Fate
    Time - Worlogog

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