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    Will we see all 3 Years of Souma in Totsuki?

    Title says it all.

    Post your thoughts.

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    I doubt it. In his first year he can already compete with the best.

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    Probably not.

    Which is sad, cause I want more Erina.

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    Kinda feels like there's nothing to really offer him in the next two years.

    We might get a timeskip to the final year where he's challenging people out in the world, though. But the Shokugeki concept would be thrown right out.

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    In 2nd year first half we can see some rival school that apparently everyone except Souma knows but never big up about

    2nd year 2nd half we can start some world class chefs

    By 3rd year near graduation, i guess he can fight some aliens from gourmet world or something

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    I do want to but at this rate probably not since we're into end game material

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