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Thread: Homelessness

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    What are your thoughts on homelessness? How do you react to homeless people? How can we work on solving this issue?

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    Underrated topic. Anyone having an input?


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    They're normal people, just like us. We don't know what happened to them and why they ended up on the street, so it's inappropriate to consider every single homeless as a disgrace to the human race and drunkard. Of course, there are some lazy bums who prefer living on the street on begging people to give them money for alcohol, however it's almost impossible who's who.

    I'm not that good of a person, but I tend to give them money as I long as I have some change. Giving someone a five dollar bill means not eating a single kebab to me, while that much money may be enough to buy food and live for another few days to another person. My rule is, I only give money to sober homeless.

    About solving the issue, I don't know. It's all up to the government and their resolve to work. I'd be interested in seeing someone else's opinion on said topic, though.

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    I dont really give a shit about the homeless, usually, what got them there is their own bad decisions. Helping them really wouldn't be helping them.

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