"ISO is short for isolation, the set of a single player's posts with all other players' posts ignored. The process of looking at a user's ISO is therefore the process of looking at their posts by themselves out of context." - MafiaWiki
Alright so lately we have had a lot of new members join TMF, and they all come from websites that don't use VBulletin like we do so they don't know how to ISO posts on here. So here's a simple guide on how to ISO posts on TMF or any other VBulletin site you may use in the future.

Step 1:

Click the Replies: 1710 button.

Step 2:

Now you can see which members have posted in the thread, the amount of posts each member has made in said thread. And finally, the list is sorted with the member with the most posts in the thread until the least.

Step 3:

Simply click the post number beside any members name and you will be linked to all of their posts. For example if we click Posts: 279 beside Avalon's name then you will see all 279 posts that Avalon made in the mafia game. Don't click the username, otherwise you will go to the members profile instead, and that really won't help you ISO their posts.

Follow these 3 easy steps and you will be ISOing posts like a pro and lynching scum easily.