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Thread: Gentle's role

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    Gentle's role

    What's Gentle's role in the series? Every big villain so far had a certain role. Is it to help Izuku to develop his character, or perhaps join the heroes' side? Gentle has just been introduced, and I can't believe it's the end of him after the recent chapter.

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    He'll become a teacher at UA.

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    I wanna say it's so that he'll become more sympathetic to villains and starts to blur some lines but eh

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    He'll become a teacher at UA.
    that seems cool

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    Gentle will never become a pro hero, let alone UA teacher.

    Still betting on him to escape this situation somehow, if not, I guess he will be chilling with Stain and AFO in jail.

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    Sincerely hope he succeeds in some capacity

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    he will not officially be a hero but he will be a good guy and probably help the heroes.

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    I'm hoping that he'll escape and become a vigilante that actually tries to help people instead of only wanting fame.

    Speaking of which, I could easily see a younger Gentle making in appearance in the Vigilantes spinoff.

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    Don't think he become a hero type.

    But would be nice to see him prevail in some way.

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