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    I'm talking about if there are legit pedophiles and crooks behind that pen. For example, forgive the ignorance but wasn't Stan Lee accused of molesting his nurses and trying to coerce them into giving him blowjobs? Let's say that was legit. Would you still enjoy his works, and if not his then any comic book writer you enjoy?

    A definitely interesting question, since can I enjoy the work knowing that someone may have done VERY terrible things?

    When it comes to stuff like that I find it very difficult to separate the artist from their work since I'm partially funding their lifestyle to continue their terrible behavior. Though if I'm being honest I operate differently for comics and have very little which deters me from buying comics. So let's say for instance when I was buying comics during the reign of Eddie Berganza, who was accused multiple times of sexual assault and harassment at conventions and parties (famously spouting the line, "What happens at a Batparty, stays at a Batparty.") Was demoted for this behavior after being the Executive Editor to a Group Editor, and in that group the company unofficially just didn't hire women into it to prevent Eddie from getting in trouble. I always overlooked it knowing he was involved but justified it to myself as him not being the writer or artist, therefore reducing the "immediate" impact a writer or artist's name on the book would have for me. I still read the comics, still bought the comics, and still supported the comics knowing how much of a scumbag the guy was and the company for enabling him to do it (as all comic companies sort of do, it definitely isn't specific to one). But I think for comics, and how I consume them, I'm more likely to "look over" problems than I am for something I'm not as fervent about. After all I still, for whatever reason, keep buying comics Greg Land "draws" despite the fact that guy should be facing jail time for plagiarism. Even though I hate them.

    However, writers or artists who prove controversial enough tend to lose their contracts (if they're not just fired for whatever reason the company comes up with) before I can say I won't read their stuff, such as Ardian Syaf who alleged for putting anti-semitic "Easter Eggs" in a comic and got busted. Though I've enjoyed his art (and the guy is very talented), it would probably be difficult or distracting for me to look over his art as part of the story and not apart from the story. Honestly, by all means, he's not really a super controversial professional and those who have worked with him expressed how courteous the guy is, but knowing how he personally feels might make it difficult. I'd probably spend most of it wondering how he got the job and if he's going to be more sly about any "Easter Eggs" he might drop in another book. JUST LIKE HOW I WONDER ABOUT GREG LAND. Oddly enough this happened about a year from a week ago.

    Another example would be Matt Hawkins who is sort of an ass, but I enjoyed his comics just fine. Then again he's just an ass and as far as I know hasn't really done anything bad other than just being an ass.
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