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    Least used abilities

    The abilities that we havent seen much used or havent been used yet in any game on tmf by the hosts. list them.

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    It's hard to remember because they're not used a lot...

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    Silencer is an old mechanic that has been pretty much phased out of play completely since it denies players the opportunity to actually play the game.

    Also unseen in quite some time is the ‘Actor’ role whose sole purpose is to be the hammer for a majority lynch. They cannot vote otherwise which is pretty unfun.
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    If we can list out some of those abilities, maybe we can use them in the future games, for more flavors.

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    I mean, most of the roles that stopped seeing use are roles that weren't very fun. To add to things Swag mentioned, the Faith passive, which causes an ability to have a 50% fail rate, and the Unstable passive, which means a player doesn't choose which ability they use on their target (and the related Schizophrenic role, which is an Unstable Jack of All Trades), were both phased out because they aren't much fun to play.

    For roles that don't see a lot of use and aren't just like, bad, it's usually because they are niche or made up. Like, I don't see Inner Demon employed often, but that's because it's a role I just straight made up a while back, and it's fairly niche in application. If you want variation, just make new roles up.

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