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    Lessons learned in the work force

    Most of you have work experience - what are some lessons you've learned from the working world? Are there any expectations you've had that have been shattered or made you realize that things aren't what they are in a job?

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    work smart, not hard

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    Choose your words carefully.

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    Wash your hands BEFORE you touch your dick too

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    Bad Management and lazy workers can really put a damper on your day. Find a hobby or something outside of work to look forward to so you can de stress.

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    Don't overwork yourself just because you try hard and do your best doesn't mean you should be picking up other's slack. If you want to be noticed then make sure you come off as professional stern and cheerful. Don't be such a tight ass

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    It depends on the job really.
    My job is simple and boring.
    I could help out other employees,but why would I do such a thing?
    So first lesson if you are in it for money dont be afraid to say fuck off to all(in a polite manner) .

    First year I was there I helped out even more than I should have and thus they started expecting me doing their work while they chat and talk about stupid shit.
    I said to myself no more,I will not be an idiot.

    Learn to chat with people even if you dont particularly care.
    It can go a long way if you do so with your boss.
    (this is something I suck at)

    Everyone should have some rules about what is acceptable and what isnt and dont be afraid to shut down a job that has many negatives.

    Lastly,as a dude up here said work smart not hard.
    Most people are afraid because they think a employer paid for your time of 8hours which is true,but not in a sense that you have to put in any work for those 8h but instead just what you signed up for.
    I make the base for toilet paper.
    The machine is 3 times faster than the machine that rolls paper on it and since I need to wait for a decent bit of them to be made to collect them and put them together and place them in their place I can easily sit,be on my phone anything really as long as I am close to the machine and tbh even if something happened it wouldnt be a big deal.

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    Be effective. Get the job done and do it right. Saves you a lot of effort later.

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    bullshitting gets you far... not just the working world, but in life.

    for example, I have played fortnite 4 times but I got interviewed and photographed as a "player" because everyone at the newspaper got excited when I said I had played fortnite... 2 times at the time I announced it.

    Its why you see professional liars in any business because they go far
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    Dammit I deleted that so I could be saved from your rebuttal.

    I regret ever giving you the opportunity to be more right about anything.
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    i used to drink mayonnaise as a kid
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    What truth? The fact that you're an annoying dimwit? Most of your posts are cringe. Nothing worse than a cocky asshole who gets proven wrong and lies to save face. The fact that you have a gold bar pretty much exemplifies that rep is worthless. You are the face of awful modern day TMF posters. SpiRo back into whatever cave you crawled out of, please.
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    Just because someone likes dick in their ass doesn't mean they're not your brother.

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    The customer is not always right

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    No one gives a shit

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