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    Sabo vs Snakeman

    15m FK

    Round 1: Fruitless Sabo vs Snakeman

    Round 2: Current Sabo vs Snakeman

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    This is a good matchup, if snakeman last forever i'd give it to luffy. If luffy starts in base, but can go snakeman, than it would be a high diff win for sabo most likely.

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    this was for current sabo

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    Sabo wins both.

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    Only Snakeman or Luffy overall. If only Snakeman than Sabo wins second round and loses first.

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    With a time limit Sabo should win. Without a time limit Luffy got this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RoyalIce View Post
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    With a time limit Sabo should win. Without a time limit Luffy got this.
    This. Without time limit Luffy takes it, with timelimit he probably loses.

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    Sabo seems to have far better offense than Katakuri so I'm so certain Snakeman could beat him.

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    I don't think Luffy can win if he's restricted to Snakeman. But overall he may be able to beat Sabo.

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