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    Golden Kamuy compared to One Piece

    Seeing as how both of these series have a big treasure everyone's trying to find at the core of the series, how do both series compare in this aspect when it comes to executing it? For example, do the map tattoos of Golden Kamuy on the prisoners' backs seem more interesting than OP's circumnavigation of the Grand Line? And the factions/rivals vying for the treasure?

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    For me I like the idea of what the goal is compared to OP's more mysterious treasure. We know it's gold, we know the motivations of people going after it, and so they feel a bit more interesting to me personally. The stakes are higher for some, and it's a true game of life and death for everybody involved from young to old to innocent to the especially guilty.

    These are two very different ways to tell the tale so it's a bit of an apples/oranges comparison to me. Like if you had put the prisoners instead of poneglyphs in OP then it just wouldn't really fit. What with the skinning of people and all that. On the other hand I think it would remove a critical and brutal elements from GK if there were poneglyphs instead of potentially dangerous criminals to chase. That leads to...

    The characters. While neither story has truly deep characters, I've enjoyed the ones in GK much more overall. Every character has something to offer, something unique to them, and maintain a certain amount of relevance throughout the story in accordance to who they are and what they can do. That's the difference in how you achieve goals. GK is a violent world built on violence similar to OP, but in GK the express use of force only works half of the time and the other half is about how you apply force or if you even apply force.

    Much like OP there's a sense of self discovery in this series for some characters, while other characters have their lives already defined they're either trying to run away from or try to derive meaning from in ways that doesn't feel forced or just shoved in there. Sugimoto being the obvious one to talk about.

    All in all: Golden Kamuy just better on those terms. But it's a very different story. The themes wouldn't work in OP at all.

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