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    Worst Role You Ever Had

    What's the worst/least favorite role you've had in a game?

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    I was pretty disappointed in my role in Cormag's big game. Character I chose probably had a lot to do with it but everyone else had a more interesting role than I did.

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    Riki's last game in both situations as mafia I couldn't be a Joat and as town my tracker's power was useless as shit.

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    Oh and the strongman kill wasn't an extra kill. RIPERINO.
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    Hard to say, there's none that come to mind off the top of my head. Does Vanilla count? Because I've been vanilla and that's just boring.

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    I once had a Doc role with the post restriction that I could only post immediately after the person I had protected the Night before. Dude claimed an important PR (think it was a Cop) so I had to protect him and they stopped posting the next Day. I still got prodded for inactivity which made me mad so I broke my restriction and then got modkilled for it.

    That was a fucked up game where 1/3 of the roles were incapable of talking.

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    I think, by far, the worst role I have ever been assigned would be Viktoria in Thief: The Dark Project Mafia. I was a Mafia Post Restricted Burst Janitor. It was a 2-man Mafia, against a 3-man Mafia with better abilities, 10 Townies, and 1 Indie. The gimmick of the game was that everyone had a Post Restriction that gave away their race. The problem should be immediately apparent to anyone familiar with Thief: TDP. Viktoria is the goddess of the Pagans. The Pagans are the primary antagonists in Thief. The Pagans have a very specific manner of speech.

    Needless to say, I was lynched on Day 1 due to my post restriction, and my partner was vig'd on Night 1.

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    Any of the omniscient roles are extremely boring because the host impairs you with severe posting restrictions that makes you little more than an observer.
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    I know that's a boring answer, but I just don't really get boring roles. I would say I'm just lucky with random generator, but I suspect that hosts (on TMF and NF) purposely give me fun roles because they expect me to put on a show every game.

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    I don't think there is a standout role ive had that has been bad. I didnt like one of Cormags role he gave me in the JJBA game, but it was only because I preferred the roles of the other guys on my team

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