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    Introvert or extrovert

    Which category you fit in more?


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    Think the Briggs Meyer test put me at like 70% introverted

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    49 intro, 51 extro

    I am super balanced apparently
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    I would say introvert, which would surprise a lot of people.

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    Depends on the company.

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    I am very quiet but fun person to be around. I have some very close friends but there are others who i dont know what to say too and am nervous around, but i still have fun and be positive with them

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    Quote Originally Posted by Juan View Post
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    Depends on the company.

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    I'm an introvert, but I can and have lived as both at different times in my life. introversion is my preference and what comes naturally though. I actually find that I'm happier when I'm a shut in than when i am hanging out with friends all the time. I do like to party a lot though Even than I like doing drugs and drinking alone more than within sizeable groups. I like video games and cartoons more than I like most people, though I would like to have a gf to share my introverted lifestyle with

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    As a kid I thought I was shy and everyone thought the same about me,but nowadays I think I might be an introvert or I became one out of fear.
    I wonder what other people that talk with me think cuz I am always thinking about million things when talking to someone.
    I have probably some sort of self worth complex where I think of myself to be this useless human and then when someone listens to what I have to say really carefully and I notice that it's game over,my brain is stunned and what I was saying is escaping my brain.

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    Introvert. Nothing wrong with being around people but i love being alone too. I rarely party and hang out.

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