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    How many years for the trio to get that GG rank?

    It's pretty obvious they're all making general after this arc. How many years will it take for them to get the ultimate rank?

    Will they lead campaigns on their own as generals, or will they always be working under someone until they get to GG?

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    Shin gets it after the Yan campaign.
    Mouten dies during the siege of Kantan by the hands of Shibashou who came to aid in extremis.
    Ouhon dies in Chu. Telling Sasukeshin he always wanted to be friends.
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    Not too long. They're going to take out the 6 states whilst already being GGs (or at least most of them). My guess is they'll all be the major players in the Han war and gain the most achievements which will get them promoted.

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    I'd say 5 years after current arc. They will be generals after this arc, no doubt. But as Ouki used to say about Moubu you need lots of battle experience to be able to pretend to the GG title.

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